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A two-car crash at the intersection of KY-428 and KY-79 killed one driver on September 18, 2018.

According to The News-Enterprise, this crash took place in Meade County at about 12:15PM. Allegedly, one car on KY-428 suddenly drove in front of KY-79 as another car was traveling through KY-79.

Sadly, the crash victim traveling on KY-79 was killed on the scene. The other driver involved in this crash was brought to a local hospital where she is expected to survive her injuries.

Police are still investigating the cause of this crash.

Intersection-Related Crashes In Kentucky

Researchers at the University of Kentucky (UK) recently released a report on the rates of intersection-related crashes throughout Kentucky. Over the three-year study period, analysts found that there were about 19,000 crashes at 7,000 intersections throughout the Bluegrass State. About 35 percent of all crashes in Kentucky take place at intersections.

Unsurprisingly, crashes at intersections were more likely to occur in urban versus rural areas. Study authors noted, however, that the highest rate of crashes happened at intersections with undivided four-lane highways, regardless of whether it was in a rural or urban area. By contrast, four-lane highway intersections that were divided had the lowest crash statistics.

UK found that the following intersections were amongst the most dangerous in the state: US-41A & KY-117 in Christian County, US-68 & KY-29 in Jessamine County, and KY-229 & KY-1189 in Laurel County.

To learn more about intersection safety and right-of-way, please check out this webpage put together by

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