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Cars, SUVs, and pick-ups pose enough threat to each other when traveling at high speeds on the roads. When you add giant tanker trucks and tractor-trailers to the lanes, a driver has to be especially cautious.

These big trucks can be traveling way too fast and be too heavy to stop in a reasonable amount of time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) warns these trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger cars and loaded tractor-trailers can take 20-40 percent farther than cars to stop.

A collision with a smaller vehicle can be devastating.  The victims can wind up with debilitating injuries and even lose their lives.

Henderson Deadly Tractor-Trailer Collision

A tragic collision between a car and a tractor-trailer claimed two lives in Henderson on Tuesday.  The Henderson Gleaner reported it happened on Kentucky Route 425 at the intersection of Old Corydon Road around 1 pm on August 19, 2020.

Henderson County Deputies determined that a 79-year-old woman at the wheel was trying to cross the over 425. She pulled into the path of a tractor-trailer and the vehicle was struck on the passenger side.

The woman and her 24-yr-old grandson were pronounced dead on the scene. The truck driver was not injured.

Finding Help After an Accident with a Big Truck

After a deadly collision, a family will need time to grieve the loss of their loved ones. Unfortunately, medical bills and funeral costs may soon come due while relatives are grieving the death of beloved family members.

The law protects families in these tragic situations.  A representative is allowed to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family. This representative is usually a spouse or domestic partner, or child of the victim, or even parents of a victim.

The representative can move forward with a civil lawsuit to recover money to pay for losses after a fatal accident.  A wrongful death award can help pay for damages the family has experienced like medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages the deceased would have earned, and even a loss of emotional support the immediate family would have received from the victim over the years.

The claim may involve the at-fault truck driver and his or her insurance.  The company the driver works for may also be held liable. In these cases, several factors would be looked at including the truck driver’s safety records and the amount of sleep the driver has gotten.  The condition of the truck and its tires and the weight of the truck may also be factors in a wrongful death case.

Contact a Kentucky Wrongful Death Attorney Today

Families who have lost a loved one in a tragic accident may wonder if they need an attorney, and the answer is almost always yes. The insurance company agents have years of experience and are good at paying victims as little as possible or nothing at all. Your family will need someone just as experienced to help you level the field.

Talk to a Kentucky Wrongful Death Attorney you can trust to be on your side. The attorneys at Kaufman &  Stigger, PLLC, have that knowledge and a combined 100 years’ experience in helping clients across the state get compensation to protect their future. To discuss your case, call Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, at (800) 937-8443 or click here to contact them online.