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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Cars are safer than ever these days, but the number of accidents, the number of injured and the number of people killed by distracted drivers is increasing. One of the leading causes of distracted driving these days is people playing with their phone, looking at text messages or Instagram notifications.

If all of us kept our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road, there would literally be hundreds of thousands fewer accidents each year in the United States.

A recent accident in Murray, KY

In September of 2017, a Chevy Silverado Z71 allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic on Route 121. The result was a head on collision, totally destroying the truck and a car, a Dodge Charger. The pictures of these vehicles shows them as almost unrecognizable. Amazingly, according to KFVS, both drivers refused medical treatment. Later, they were in the Emergency Room.

Sometimes after an accident when people’s adrenaline is pumping they do not feel any pain. After a head on collision, however, there is almost certainly going to be pain later in the day. If these drivers escape with only scrapes and bruises they are both extremely lucky. According to the KFVS article, the pickup truck driver said he had been “messing with this radio” when he crossed into oncoming traffic.

What if I’m injured by a distracted driver?

While there may have been no injuries in this particular case, around 25% of accidents involve some form of distraction. Unfortunately, in many cases, even if a driver was distracted or negligent in some other way, people still have problems getting the compensation they deserve from an insurance company. Some insurers may even blame you for your injury. Don’t let this happen to you.

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