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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

A two-car crash in Elizabethtown injured two drivers and two passengers on July 3, 2018.

According to the Elizabethtown News-Enterprise, this crash happened on Hodgenville Road at around 5:40PM. As a Jeep Grand Cherokee attempted to pull out a driveway on Hodgenville Road, an Infinity JX35 was headed east on the same road. Allegedly, the Jeep pulled out too far and the Infinity driver smashed into the Jeep’s side.

In addition to the drivers, two passengers (one in the Infinity and one in the Jeep) were involved in this crash. First-responders transported all four crash victims to local hospitals. The people in the Jeep had more severe injuries, but all four victims are expected to survive.

Safety Tip For Pulling Out Of Driveways

It’s no surprise that car accidents are common by driveways. This is especially true if the driver is pulling out his/her driveway in reverse. No matter how advanced camera technology becomes, nothing beats the clarity of seeing traffic in front of you.

Road safety experts encourage drivers who must pull into narrow driveways to first pull as far right as possible, park by the driveway’s entrance, and let traffic pass. Once the coast is clear, drive reverse into the driveway so when you leave you’ll pull out forward. Adding the extra minute to reverse into your driveway will significantly improve your sightlines and reduce your risk of getting involved in an accident.

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