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A head-on crash in Ballard County injured five people on June 7, 2018.
According to Wave3 News, this accident occurred at 8PM on Woodville Road close to Joppa Landing Road. Police are still investigating the cause of this serious collision.
When emergency crews arrived on the scene, they immediately transported five crash victims to local hospitals. All of the passengers are expected to survive their injuries.

The Dangers Of Head-On Collisions In Kentucky

Kentucky State Police estimate that about 2 percent of all crashes annually are head-on collisions. Although this might not seem like a lot, consider that 30 percent of fatalities on Kentucky’s roads were due to head-on collisions.
Head-on collisions are undoubtedly amongst the most deadly traffic accidents motorists could get involved in. Even if the two vehicles in a head-on crash are only driving an average of 45 mph, the force of the impact will feel like hitting a stationary object at 90 mph.
People fortunate enough to survive a head-on collision will most likely need serious medical attention. A few common injuries from these crashes include brain damage, spinal fractures, and broken bones. To ensure you get 100 percent of the medical compensation you need after a head-on collision, you should get in touch with a trained Kentucky car accident lawyer ASAP.

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