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Two drivers were injured in a car accident in Henderson Kentucky on May 25, 2018.

According to SurfKY, this crash happened around 3PM on US 60-E close to Spottsville. Apparently, the driver of a Chevy truck slowed down to make a turn into a private road. As the Chevy driver slowed down, the driver of a Hyundai Sonata allegedly hit the back of the Chevy.

When police arrived on the scene, they transported the Hyundai driver to a local hospital for treatment. Although the Chevy driver said his back and neck were sore, he was not sent to the hospital.

How Common Are Whiplash Injuries?

Whiplash and back injuries are among the most common injuries drivers experience after rear-end crashes. Besides pain and soreness, a few other symptoms of these injuries include dizziness, decreased range of motion, tingling sensations, and stiffness. It’s not uncommon for people with whiplash to also struggle with insomnia, difficulty concentrating, jaw issues, and brain fog.

The latest estimates from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that whiplash-related injuries are amongst the most commonly reported injuries in the USA. At least 65 percent of accident victims listed neck pain as one of their primary complaints when making claims. In terms of costs, neck injuries represent about $10 billion in claims per year. There are roughly 805,000 whiplash cases each year, 272,000 of which were caused by a rear-end accident.

Thankfully, the pain from whiplash usually tends to go away after a few weeks or months. Most often doctors recommend patients who suffer whiplash to use cold/hot compresses, take a few muscle relaxants, and stretch the neck.

Rear End Accident in Henderson? The Tiger Can Help

As you can see, whiplash cases are fairly common. If you’re ever involved in a rear-end collision that seriously injures your back and/or neck, then you should get on the phone with Kaufman & Stigger right away. Our lawyers have years of experience helping clients get the damages they deserve such as medical expenses, pain & suffering, time lost at work, and much, much more.

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