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Driving on rural roads is more dangerous than driving on urban streets, according to a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In fact, the study says that while only 42 percent of drivers live in rural areas, the fatality rate is almost double that in urban areas.

There are many reasons for this, and one of them is the broadside or T-bone accident. This happens when a car hits another one in the side at a 90-degree angle. Attributes of a T-bone accident are a high amount of damage, high speed, serious injuries and fatalities.

T-Bone Accident Leaves Two Dead on Kentucky Highway

The driver of a passenger car was hit broadside by a pickup truck on Sunday, January 19, 2020, around 7 p.m. in Trigg County. According to the Kentucky State Police, the driver of the passenger car failed to stop at a stop sign on Highway 139 and was hit by a pickup truck traveling on U.S. 68.

The 21-year-old driver of the passenger car that ran the stop sign died at the scene, and a 20-year-old passenger died at the hospital. The driver of the pickup was in serious condition and taken to a hospital along with two passengers who were later released.

Rural Driving and T-Bone Accidents

Most T-bone accidents happen when one driver fails to yield to the right-of-way of another. Typically this means running a red light or a stop sign. There are many reasons for this, and one of them happens frequently where two rural highways intersect, and there is no signal with only a stop-sign to keep traffic flowing safely.

According to a report from the Federal Highway Administration, around 20 percent of all traffic fatalities happen at intersections, and around 80 percent of all rural intersection fatalities happen at unsignalized intersections.

The report also stated that these accidents have a higher than average serious injury or fatality level than other types of crashes. Currently, the FHWA is working with 11 states to address safety at unsignalized intersections.

T-Bone Crash Injuries

Rural T-bone collisions often happen when at least one car is going at a high rate of speed. This causes significant damage and injuries. Because of the side-impact, victims often are not helped by an airbag, and even seat restraints are not as effective with a side-impact.  The victims are often tossed around inside the car violently which leads to significant injuries.

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