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Kentucky State Police have just confirmed that one person involved in a weekend accident in Knox County passed away as a result of her injuries. Speed was allegedly the primary cause of this fatal one-car accident.

What Happened?

According to Lex18, police officers received a call at 12:18AM on March 10th informing them of a single vehicle crash on KY 223 E. When police arrived at the scene of the crash (close Binghamtown Cemetery) they found a red Chevy pickup truck on its side in an embankment near a house. Safety officials treated the two people in the vehicle at the scene before transporting them to the hospital.

As mentioned above, one woman was pronounced dead at as a result of injuries from this accident. Police officers haven’t revealed whether this woman was the passenger or the driver of the vehicle.

Was Speed A Factor?

State troopers aren’t 100 percent sure what caused this accident, but they say speed might have been a factor. According to their latest report, police suggest the driver of the Chevy truck was speeding down the eastbound side of KY 223 when they lost control of the vehicle on a turn. After losing control, the police suggest the truck hit a guardrail which caused it to spin in the air and land on its side.

Kentucky Speeding Limits

Every Kentucky resident should know that the state has two different kinds of speeding laws on the books. The first kind, known as absolute speed limits, require motorists never to exceed posted speed limits of 35mph, 55mph, and 65mph under normal conditions.

Basic speed limits, on the other hand, require motorists to drive at a speed they deem “reasonable and prudent” given hazardous conditions like inclement weather or road construction. This usually means going well below the posted speed limit. Both of these laws are listed as § 189.390 (2017).

Compensation For Speeding Accidents

Unfortunately, it’s quite common for drivers to go above the posted speed limits on major roads in the Bluegrass State. In some cases, this results in catastrophic car crashes that alter the lives of everyone involved.

If you are the victim of a speeding-related accident, contact our Kentucky Car Accident Lawyers as soon as possible who will inform you of all of your legal options. Remember, insurance companies hire lawyers whose job is to get claims reduced or denied. You deserve to have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side, too.