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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

After any accident involving 3 or more vehicles, there is likely to be multiple injuries, multiple responsible parties and multiple insurance companies involved who will likely attempt to minimize what they need to pay out on any injury claim. Don’t let this happen to you, Get the Tiger and call us today for a free and friendly consultation.

Multiple Car Accidents

Pileups aren’t as common in Louisville as they are in other parts of the country, however accidents involving 3 or 4 cars are more common than most people realize, especially at intersections or on Interstate 65, I-64, 264 and 265.

More cars on the roads equal more opportunities for accidents. With commercial trucks sharing the highways and byways with passenger vehicles, those accidents can cause chain reactions. Multi-car accidents are a tremendous danger and the potential for serious injuries or even death is massive.

What Causes Multiple Vehicle Accidents?

Multi-vehicle accidents can be caused by either one massive vehicle, such a commercial truck, hitting more than one passenger vehicle; or a series of accidents caused by one initial collision. For example, a vehicle on a highway merges into a different lane, misjudging the distance between itself and another vehicle, and clips that other vehicle. That vehicle then spins out of control and hits another vehicle, causing a chain reaction of accidents.

Causes of multiple car pileups can include distracted driving, tailgating, speeding and/or weather condition or debris in the road.

How Do Trucks Factor into Multi-Vehicle Accidents?

Because of their mass and velocity, trucks usually cause multiple car accidents when they are involved in an accident at all. They require additional time to brake because of their weight, and may not be able to stop suddenly enough if something happens up ahead; they hit the car in front of them, which then hits the car ahead of it, and so on. In addition, trucks can jackknife or roll over multiple vehicles at a time.

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