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Accidents involving multiple vehicles typically occur as a result of the carelessness and negligence of just one driver. Then, other negligent drivers pile into each other. When these types of accidents occur, both drivers and passengers suffer injuries. The legal landscape turns into a nightmare. Multiple investigators will try to reconstruct what happened with different versions of the events, and it’s likely that the original injured victim will be caught in the middle with different insurance companies pointing their respective fingers at each other. Nobody wants to compensate that victim for the injuries and damages suffered, and it almost seems as the victim has been forgotten.

Six-Car Crash in Lexington

That’s what happened earlier this week in a six-car crash in Lexington at the intersection of Nicholasville Road and Wilson Downing Road at about 3:40 p.m. What began as a two-car accident turned out to be a six-car multiple vehicle headache with several injuries. Of course, the scene of the crash was a mess. It took about an hour before traffic could be diverted through the intersection.

Examples of Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Just about any accident involving two vehicles can turn into a multiple vehicle crash involving three or more vehicles. Here are some common scenarios:

  • The Pile-Up: These wrecks typically occur on expressways when a driver suddenly brakes hard, and the vehicle behind that driver fails to stop in time to avoid a collision. A third, fourth or even a fifth vehicle might all pile into each other. On icy roads, these pileups can involve tens of vehicles.
  • Intersection Crashes: In these types of crashes, a driver is usually trying to beat a red light and hits another vehicle that has entered the intersection. One of the vehicles can be pushed into other vehicles, or vehicles that are following too closely can rear-end vehicles in front of them.
  • Starting Out on Ice: Excessive acceleration from being stopped on an icy road can cause tires to spin and a vehicle to slide into an opposite lane of traffic. Oncoming vehicles might not be able to stop, and a chain reaching rear-end accident can occur.

Liability in Multiple Vehicle Accidents

In typical accident scenarios, one negligent driver is at fault. For example, a driver who is stopped in traffic might feel just one impact when only one other car is involved in a rear-end accident. That first driver will likely feel two impacts if a third driver hits the second driver. Two drivers might then be at fault for the first driver’s injuries and damages.

Contact a Lexington Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re the victim, you don’t want to be caught in the middle while two or more insurers are arguing over who should compensate you for your injuries and damages. You’ll need to take control of your case, but you’re not going to be taken seriously without the representation of a quality Lexington car accident lawyer. Don’t give any of the opposing insurance companies a statement of any kind without an attorney being present on your behalf. They’ll only try to use your own words against you in the future to try and attack your credibility.  Instead, contact our offices right away for a free consultation with an aggressive and effective attorney. You can tell us what happened, and we can tell you what we’ll do when we take control your case for you. Throughout our representation of you, our intention is to operate in your best interests in maximizing any settlement or award that you deserve.