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If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a collision caused by a careless driver in or around Morehead contact a local lawyer with Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, for a free evaluation of your case. Tell us what happened to you so that we can help you determine the best course of action to make sure you don’t end up footing the bill for your recovery.

Requesting a Collision Report in Morehead and Rowan County

If you’ve hired a lawyer for your accident case that lawyer will likely be obtaining an accident report for you.

Otherwise, to request a collision report for an accident in Morehead that was worked by a Morehead Police Officer call the records and reports desk at (606) 784-7511 Ext: 204 to talk to Kim Fannin.

For an accident that was responded to by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department, you may contact them at (606) 784-5446. It is usually 10 days after an accident before they have a report on file to share. Be sure to have as many details handy from your accident as possible like dates, location, and an accident report number if possible. You will go down to the Sheriff’s Office to pick it up and you’ll be charged $5.

You may also search for your accident report on the BuyCrash website for a slightly higher fee.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

600 West Main Street
Morehead, Kentucky 40351

Accident Reports from the Kentucky State Police

If a Kentucky State Police Officer is investigating your accident, perhaps along US 60, you will find your accident report online. The KSP also utilizes the BuyCrash website to store reports and you can locate yours there. You can also request a copy of your report from the Kentucky State Police Post closest to the location of the collision. KSP Post-8 is in Morehead. You’ll want to call or email them to find out what information you’ll need to make your request at (606) 784-4127.

Will I need a lawyer after my accident in Morehead?

For accidents that basically only involve property damage a lawyer probably won’t be able to improve your outcome by all that much.

It’s a different story if you suffer a serious injury. Insurance companies can leave you to sit with a stack of hospital bills and unable to return to your job, all while they stall to wait until you are desperate. They want you to be vulnerable to accepting any lowball offer they extend to you. Contact Morehead’s Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, to talk to a lawyer with experience in making sure victims aren’t treated unfairly.