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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Three teens were injured in a single-vehicle crash that happened around 8 pm, Monday, December 10, 2018. According to police, the wreck happened in the 3500 block of Visalia Road in Morning View. All three suffered serious injuries but are in stable condition.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

Single car crashes occur often and can be deadly. In most wrecks involving one car, the driver loses control and drives off the road and into an object. Sometimes the vehicle rolls over. The danger here is that there may not be anyone else to call for help leaving the injured alone until someone comes along.

Am I to Blame?

In single-car crashes, it seems logical that the fault will be with the driver of the car. Many typical factors include: speed, driver fatigue, distraction or impairment. However, these are not always the sole cause of a single-car crash.

But there are other reasons that could be a primary cause of a single-car crash such as road conditions, debris or other objects on the road or an animal darting into the car’s path. Often times, it’s difficult for investigators to determine why the driver lost control as conditions might have changed like ice melting or an animal leaving the scene.  Without the other car present, investigators have to go on what little evidence there is.

What if I’m Injured in a One-Car Crash?

When a person is injured in a single-car crash, he or she often feels that it’s their fault, and there is no reason to seek compensation from another source.  However there can be a host of reasons why an accident occurs, and often times there are multiple reasons. Was there an object in the road? If so, what was it? Did someone leave it there? Was the highway properly maintained? Poorly designed?

What if Someone Else is Partially to Blame?

Philadelphia is a comparative fault state which means that the court will assign a percentage of the blame to the parties at fault, and then each party will pay that percentage of the injuries and damages. This is good news for someone who feels that they were partially to blame for the accident.

Regardless if someone else is partially to blame or you feel you are at fault, you may be able to make a claim against another’s insurance or you might be able to make on against your own insurance, depending on the policy.

Do I Need an Attorney

Many times, an attorney is not needed. But don’t just assume that you are at fault or that there is no compensation for you if you were involved in a single-car crash. Talk to an attorney who can advise you of the law. Call the attorneys at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, and they will stand behind you to make sure that you are treated fairly and that you get the highest compensation allowed by the law.

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