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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

A single-car crash in Kenton County this Thursday sent three people to the hospital with severe injuries. Thankfully, doctors say the three victims in this serious accident are expected to recover.

According to WLWT5, this crash happened around 5AM on April 12, 2018. The car involved in this accident was traveling southbound on I-75 between Crittenden and Walton. In total, there were four people inside this vehicle.

Apparently, the 36-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and swerved off the road into a nearby grass embankment. As the driver tried to correct his error, he allegedly hit a guardrail, which caused the car to flip on its side and ejected one passenger from the vehicle.

Once they arrived on the scene of the crash, safety crews transported the driver and two other passengers to a nearby hospital. First-responders said the fourth passenger wasn’t injured in the crash.

As of today, police are still investigating the cause of this accident. Anyone who has information about this crash is encouraged to call authorities at (859) 392-1964.

Don’t Let Insurers Rob You Of Passenger Rights

Very rarely is a passenger at fault for causing a single-car crash. Despite this fact, passenger injured in single-car crashes are often discouraged from filing a liability claim.

The main reason passengers are hesitant to bring forward a claim is because they are usually related to or have a close connection with the driver. Insurance companies also try to scare passengers interested in filing claims to settle for as little as possible.

As long as you meet the criteria for an injured passenger, however, you can legally apply for medical, pain & suffering, lost earnings from work, and other damages. A few key thresholds passenger victims need to meet in Kentucky include incurring medical bills over $1,000, a bone fracture, loss of body function, and permanent disfigurement from the crash.

It’s important to know that when you bring forth your liability claim as a passenger victim you won’t be dealing with the driver personally. Instead, you will be dealing with the driver’s insurance company. The only way to protect yourself from being taken advantage of by insurers is to get a qualified Personal Injury Lawyer on your side to help you understand your legal options.

Passenger Victim? Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC Can Help

We understand that bringing a lawsuit against a driver can be awkward, especially if the driver is a trusted friend or family member. While it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to hurt people close to you, it’s equally important to fight for your rights, especially if you’ve been severely injured.

Please keep in mind that all phone consultations with our Kaufman & Stigger’s car accident lawyers are completely confidential. You have nothing to lose by calling one of our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.