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A head-on crash in Muhlenberg County injured one driver on August 16, 2018.

According to SurfKY News Group, this collision happened on Kentucky 176 in Greensville Kentucky at around 6:30PM. Allegedly, a southbound driver crossed the center dividing line and hit a northbound vehicle head-on.

First-responders immediately transported the driver in the northbound vehicle to a local hospital. Thankfully, doctors believe this crash victim will survive. The driver in the southbound vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

Although police are still investigating, they believe a blown-out tire might have been the root cause of this crash.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts may be caused by someone’s negligence if the tire was under-inflated, over-inflated, damaged or simply old and/or bald and worn out. In other cases, a tire manufacturer may be to blame if they sold a defective product.

Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that at least 78,000 crashes in the USA per year are due to tire-related incidents (e.g. tire blowouts). Sadly, about 400 people die and over 10,000 sustain serious injuries from these crashes each year.

The majority of these crashes only involve one vehicle. Fatalities are particularly high if the vehicles involved in these tire-related crashes are top-heavy. In particular, NHTSA noted that 45 percent of SUVs involved in crashes due to tire issues rolled over.

Road safety experts suggest testing tire pressure on a regular basis to avoid these dangerous scenarios. The ideal tread depth for a car is 4/32’’ or deeper.

An easy way to test your tires quickly is to take out a penny and to press it with Lincoln’s head facing towards the tire’s tread groove. If you still see Lincoln’s full head as you’re pressing down, that means you need to change your tires.

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