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A Lexington resident died in a tragic hit-and-run accident in Clark County on May 25, 2018. Local police are still searching for the driver responsible for this violent crash.

According to Lex18, this accident happened last Friday at 5:45AM on I-64. Two men were traveling along this road in a truck with a camper before the crash occurred. Apparently, these two men pulled over to the side of the road to check their equipment at the 94-mile marker.

Shortly after they pulled over, a Freightliner semi truck allegedly struck one of the men and just kept driving. Unfortunately, this victim passed away before safety crews arrived on the scene.

Police are now searching for the driver of the Freightliner semi responsible for this crash. All investigators know as of today is that the semi was at least a 2009 model. Clark County officers have already informed police departments along I-64 about this hit-and-run accident all the way through West Virginia.

Hit-And-Run Legislation In Kentucky

In Kentucky Revised Statute 189.580 (KRS 189.580) it clearly states that any driver who crashes into another vehicle must stop at the scene of the crime and check the extent of the victim’s injuries. The driver responsible for the crash must exchange a registration number and contact information with the victim.

KRS 189.580 also details what drivers should do if they hit someone else’s property or an unattended vehicle. Not only does the driver have to leave a note on the damaged car/property with contact information, s/he must get in touch with the local police and describe the incident.

Involved In A Hit-And-Run? Get The Tiger On Your Side

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