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Taking a drive in Clay County can mean a trip along rural routes and through small towns. These roads can carry a surprising amount of traffic and carry an increased risk of driver errors. A driver becoming careless in his or her lane or another driver’s lane or choosing to ignore the speed limit can lead to frightening collisions.

The Kentucky State Patrol responds to hundreds of these accidents a year in Clay County. In 2019, the KSP recorded 256 total collisions on county roads. Those accidents resulted in 140 people suffering injury and the tragic loss of seven lives.

Two-Vehicle Collision in Clay County

A car accident left several victims injured Saturday afternoon in Clay County. WYMT-TV reported the crash took place outside of Manchester on May 1, 2021.

The collision involved a car and an SUV and the impact left both vehicles in a ditch. The Manchester Fire Department said that one victim had to be airlifted to a nearby Level 1 Trauma Center. Other injured victims were taken to Advent Health Manchester.

The Kentucky State Police investigated the accident. The cause of the crash and the condition of the victims were not immediately known.

Making Sure Clay County Accident Victims Get Assistance

Medical bills and emergency response fees can come due before victims even get discharged from their hospital beds. A serious injury can lead to extended rehabilitation costs and check-ups for months down the road. These costs can come while an incapacitated victim is losing paychecks at work and missing payments on normal monthly bills.

In such a difficult situation injury victims can file a claim for damages to alert an at-fault driver’s insurance provider of every cost they’ve accumulated in recovery. This claim can list physical, emotional, and financial hardships to make sure an insurance company can’t find a way to avoid paying every cost that results from an injury.

Insurance companies aren’t required to tell victims about everything available to them or what their injury is truly worth. An attorney working on your side during the recovery process can make sure you have time to heal without the worry of who will be paying your bills. It’s only fair that an at-fault driver’s car insurance company provides support for you, but these firms must often be held accountable to make sure they treat victims fairly.

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