Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Ashland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision or any other kind of accident in Ashland, contact our offices right away for a free consultation and case review. You’ll be connected immediately to one of our knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys right away. Our law firm represents clients who were injured in just about every type of accident that you can think of, including car and truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accident, slip-and-falls and trip-and-fells, pedestrian accidents, dog bites and farming accidents.

We Can Come to You

When you or a family member retain an attorney to represent you for your injuries who was born and raised in or around Ashland, or who was a member of your community in the past, his or her local knowledge can be a distinct advantage in representing you in your claim or lawsuit. Our lawyers come from across Kentucky, and we visit our clients wherever we need to visit them, whether they’re at home, in a hospital or a care facility.

Car accidents in Ashland Kentucky

Motor vehicle collisions are the most common cause of personal injury claims and lawsuits in and around Ashland. They’re often caused by:

  • Distracted driving like texting while driving or programming an infotainment center
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Following too closely
  • Drunk driving

Ashland does a great job at maintaining its roads and traffic control devices, but there will always be drivers who at one time or another are careless and negligent. After they’ve caused an accident and injured somebody, their insurance companies sometimes don’t act responsibly either. They’ll try to devalue or even deny the claims of perfectly honest people who have been injured as a result of the fault of their negligent insured person. That’s how insurance companies make money. They cash premium checks, and then they pay as little as possible or even nothing at all on legitimate claims. Our job is to maximize the compensation that you receive from the opposing insurer. It’s going to have highly trained personnel and attorneys, so you’ll be needing quality and effective representation too. We’ll carefully consider and claim all of the damages that your case might consist of like:

  • Property damage
  • Past medical bills and medical bills reasonably expected to be incurred in the future
  • Past lost earnings and earnings reasonably expected to be lost in the future
  • Any permanent disfigurement
  • Any permanent disability
  • Costs associated with rehabilitation and recovery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of a normal life
  • Funeral and burial expenses in the event of a wrongful death

After you’ve retained us to represent you in your personal injury claim, we’ll collect all of the evidence, medical bills, reports and the like, and we’ll submit them to the opposing insurer along with our demand for settlement. If that insurance company is unreasonable, we’ll use the courts, and if necessary, we’ll ask a jury to sort out each and every issue in your case. Always remember that insurance companies will do whatever they legally can to hold onto their money. That’s why you deserve a respected and successful law firm representing you.

Ashland Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

After you’ve been injured in an accident, hiring an attorney who knows your area can be a valuable resource, especially when the accident is being investigated. We know our way around Ashland and the surrounding area. We know how auto insurance companies operate too. Never give a statement of any kind to an opposing insurer after an accident. It will only try to use your own words against you sometime in the future. Talk with us first. You can call us or email us to arrange for a free consultation and case review after any accident. You don’t need to bring a penny with you to hire us to represent you either. That’s because no legal fees are even due unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. With that kind of service, there’s no reason not to contact us right away after any accident.

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With the NO FEE PROMISE, you never pay us a fee unless we win or settle your case Call us for a free consultation.

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