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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Covington Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an auto accident or sustained a personal injury in Covington, Kentucky, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. You will be connected directly to one of our experienced attorneys immediately.

Covington is situated on the northern edge of Kentucky where the Ohio River and Licking River meet in Kenton County. With a population of more than 40,500 people, it’s the fifth larges city in the state. Immediately north of Covington and across the Ohio River is Cincinnati with a metropolitan population of more than 2.1 million. Covington is actually considered to be part of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. Like Campbell County next to it, Kenton County actually has two county seats.

Personal Injury Doesn’t Just Involve Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a metropolitan area as big as Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, accidents are a fact of life, and people are going to get injured on a daily basis. Aside from motor vehicle accidents, we represent injured victims in a wide variety of accidents. Those might consist of trip-and-falls or slip-and-falls in homes, businesses streets and sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian accidents or even construction accidents. Being the seventh busiest airport in the United States, even airplane tragedies can occur in or around the small city.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’re in a metropolitan area of 2.1 million people that’s in a climatic transition zone with cool and occasionally snowy and icy weather, motor vehicle collisions are going to occur, especially during rush hour. As Covington personal injury lawyers, some of the common causes of those accidents that are reported to us include careless and negligent driving behavior like:

  • Talking, texting or using a navigational device, which according to the National Safety Council, accounts for 25 percent of all motor vehicle crashes
  • Driving while drunk or drugged, or a combination of the two with a blood alcohol content of over .08
  • Fatigued driving accidents in which nearly 1,000 people die every year
  • Speeding which is involved in 28 percent of all traffic fatalities and nearly 33 percent of all traffic crashes
  • Following too closely for weather, road or traffic conditions

Local Knowledge is Important

After you or a family member has been injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, it’s important to retain an attorney who knows Covington and the surrounding area. His or her local knowledge can be particularly important during the investigation stage after an accident. It’s also important if the case is placed in the courts. We’re well-known and respected personal injury lawyers in Covington, and we know our way around the Kenton County judicial system.

Our Objective

Insurance companies operate on a rather simple business model. They do whatever they can legally do to keep the premium money that their customers send them. Even when a claim with merit is made against their insured person, their adjusters do whatever is legally possible to devalue the claim or even pay nothing at all on it. On our side of the case, our objective is to maximize any compensation that you might receive from that insurer.

Your Damages

During the course of our representation of you, we assemble all of the evidence in support of your case. That ordinarily consists of your medical bills and records, reports from physicians, photos and statements from any witnesses, including the investigating police officer. After we carefully consider all of the evidence, we submit it to the opposing insurer, and we make our demand for settlement. The damages that we seek compensation for typically include:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost earnings
  • Any permanent disfigurement
  • Any permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of a normal life
  • Funeral and burial expenses in the event of a wrongful death

Should the opposing insurer unnecessarily delay settlement or otherwise be unreasonable, we still have recourse. We can place your claim in suit in the Kenton County courts, and we’ll present all of the evidence on your behalf in front of a judge and jury. During all of this time, you won’t owe us a penny in legal fees. That’s because we don’t get paid for our legal work unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you.

Contact a Covington Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

Invoke and protect your rights. Don’t give them up to be used against you. Contact us right away after being injured in any accident to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Should your injuries not allow you to come to our offices, we can meet you at your hospital or home. If you’ve been injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else in or around Covington, there’s no reason not to contact us.

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