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What Are Damages In A Kentucky Personal Injury Case

“Damages” in a personal injury case are the hardships victims experience in the wake of an accident. They include physical damages such as injuries and economic and emotional damages. These damages can earn compensation in an insurance claim.

Damages After a Kentucky Accident

Accidents happen every day across Kentucky.  People are hurt in collisions on Kentucky interstates, in slip-and-falls at grocery stores, and in mishaps in the workplace. Victims face the pain and emotional challenges of injury recovery and eventually, they’ll also face the expense of their medical care.

Sadly, these are only a few of the hardships Kentucky personal injury victims can experience. There’s usually a long list of these physical, emotional, and financial difficulties victims and their families must endure. These hardships are known as damages.

When the injuries are caused by the negligence of someone else, like another driver, a business owner, or an employer, innocent victims should not be expected to pay for these damages. Damages should be listed in a personal injury claim where they’ll factor into how much compensation victims receive in an insurance settlement or a judgment in court.

Take Advantage of a Free Consultation With a real Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer

A Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you in determining everything you should be including in an insurance claim. At Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, we help the victims of many different types of personal injury accidents file successful claims.

We assist the victims of dog bites, car accidents, trip-and-falls at restaurants, and many other types of frightening accidents. We offer a free consultation to all victims. It’s a no-risk way to talk over your options after an accident and find out how to hold those responsible for your injury accountable.

What Damages Are Listed in a Personal Injury Insurance Claim?

Working up an accurate list of everything you or a family member has suffered during and after a personal injury accident is critical to getting the support you need in recovery. Any factors not included in a claim for damages won’t be compensated.

When you file your claim for damages against the at-fault party’s insurance provider, you’ll need to include every “economic damage” you’ve suffered in your recovery. This includes things easily totaled like hospital bills and property damage.

Your “non-economic” damages, such as the physical pain you’ve had to endure, are harder to total, but no less important. Economic and non-economic damages both factor into the total on the settlement check you hope to receive.

These are just a few of the damages that go into determining personal injury settlement amounts:

Medical Bills

All bills for healthcare while you are recovering. This includes ambulance fees and physical therapy costs. The bills you have received and those expected in the future should be covered in an insurance settlement.

Costs of a Physical Disability

If your case involves a long-term injury, compensation for a lifetime of care is often required. Patients often have to make house renovations to enable them the freedom to care for themselves. Their injury could force them to leave their jobs. Full support must be secured from insurance companies.

Physical Pain and Emotional Suffering – These are critical non-economic damages that should be included in your insurance claim. The extreme physical pain you endure should factor into your settlement. That may include support when you are forced to deal with chronic pain. The emotional pain you suffer from anxiety or PTSD symptoms must also be considered in a settlement. Depression from a loss of enjoyment of life and the inability to participate in family time and hobbies is another damage that must be listed.

Travel Costs

The money spent on getting back and forth from doctor’s appointments and trips to see specialists. Travel may be even more expensive if you require shuttle services while you are unable to drive due to your injury.

Wrongful Death Damages

When a tragic death results from a personal injury accident, family members are encouraged to immediately file a wrongful death claim. Families should seek support to cover any remaining medical fees and the costs of a funeral and burial. Close relatives will also need help in the future when they are without the love and financial support the deceased can no longer provide.

Lost Income

Reimbursement for the paychecks you lose as you miss more and more time at work during recovery. This may also take the form of a “loss of earning potential” claim if your injuries leave you unable to return to your job over the long term or permanently.

Property Damage

Compensation for any personal property damaged or destroyed in an accident. This means the repair or replacement of your car in a traffic accident.

Your Kentucky personal injury lawyer won’t let you leave off any important factors on your claim and will include some hardships you may not have considered. This is an important duty for any skilled attorney working for your benefit. Any damages not indicated on your personal injury claim can end up having to be paid from your own savings.

Punitive Damages in Kentucky Personal Injury Cases

Under Kentucky law, “punitive damages” are intended as a form of economic punishment for at-fault parties. They are leveled against individuals or businesses to increase the financial penalty for their reckless actions to hopefully keep them from ever taking those actions again.

Punitive damages are usually awarded when a guilty party’s actions are intentional or show extreme disregard for someone’s safety. Most personal injury cases don’t rise to this level. But when extreme negligence factors into the cause of someone’s injury, victims can ask for punitive damages.

“Compensatory damages” are awarded for all of the hardships a personal injury victim has suffered. Punitive damages are awarded along with and on top of compensatory damages. They still go to the victim. The intention is to punish the wrongdoers so that they and other potential wrongdoers have additional deterrents to dangerous conduct.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Kentucky Victims

To make sure every damage you suffer in a personal injury accident is taken seriously, trust your case to a highly regarded Kentucky law firm. The attorneys at Kaufman &  Stigger, PLLC, have a combined 100 years of experience in helping clients and their families get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives after an accident.

After you or a loved one are injured in a personal injury accident contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, to schedule a free case evaluation. There’s no obligation and it’s a great way to get informed of the benefits available to you and your family.



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