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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Shelbyville KY Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an auto accident or sustained a personal injury in Shelbyville, Kentucky, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. You will be connected directly to one of our experienced attorneys immediately.

Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers in Shelbyville

Shelbyville is a cross between business, industry and agriculture. It’s the county seat of Shelby County, and its estimated population is about 15,500 residents. Shelby County has a population of more than 45,000. When Interstate Highway 64 was built in 1960, Shelbyville became easily accessible from anywhere else in the United States. Industrial parks on the west side of town provide jobs to both residents and those who live around town. Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame lived in Shelbyville until his death about 20 years later.

A Diversified Injury Practice
Our law firm concentrates on personal injury law, and we represent clients across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We’ve represented clients in auto accidents, trip-and-falls and slip-and-falls, bicycle and pedestrian accidents along with construction and industrial accidents.

Motor Vehicle Crashes
The majority of personal injury claims and lawsuits that we file in Kentucky involve car and other motor vehicle crashes. That’s consistent with other cities and states. Given the speeds that motor vehicles travel at, serious injuries can result. Those can include:

  • Temporary or permanent traumatic brain injuries
  • Impingement or tears of the spinal cord
  • Vertebra damage resulting in disc and spinal nerve damage
  • Multiple fractures
  • Organ damage
  • Joint damage

The Other Insurer’s Goal
When crashes like that occur, and injuries result, a claim is made against the careless and negligent driver who then refers it over to his or her insurer. When that claim notice is received, the opposing insurer opens a bodily injury claim file, and one of its adjusters is assigned to it. His or her job is to pay out as little on the claim as possible. Expect liability, damages and your credibility to be attacked. It’s unlikely that minimal compensation will work out very well for you at all.

Our Goal
Our intentions are the opposite of the opposing insurer’s. We want to maximize any compensation that you might receive from that insurer for your injuries. Here’s how we approach that.

We Get the Evidence
As soon as we’re retained, we start gathering all of the evidence. That usually consists of medical bills, records and reports, occurrence and post-occurrence witness statements, lost earnings verification, photographs and security or traffic camera footage. We continue to collect all of that evidence until such time as you’ve reached maximum medical improvement and you’re discharged from the care of your doctors.

Working Toward Settlement
After we’ve collected all of the evidence supporting liability and damages in your case, we put together a settlement package. That package is then forwarded to the adjuster on the other side of your case along with our settlement demand. If the opposing insurer ignores that demand, or if it’s otherwise unreasonable, we get its attention by filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf in the Circuit Court of Shelby County. A trial date is set and we continue to prepare accordingly. All of that will get the insurer’s attention. You’d be surprised how many personal injury lawsuits finally settle on the eve of trial. If no settlement is entered into, we’re fully prepared to try your case, and we’ll let a judge and jury decide the issues.

Shelbyville KY Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

The sooner that you hire us to represent you in your personal injury claim or lawsuit, the more you’re protecting your rights. Never give a statement of any kind to an opposing insurance company. It will only try to use your own words against you in the future. Politely refuse to give any type of a statement, and then call us. You can arrange for a free professional consultation and case review with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. If we enter into a retainer agreement, no legal fees are even due unless we enter into a settlement or obtain a trial verdict on your behalf. With an offer like that, there’s no reason not to contact us right away after being injured in an accident in or around Shelbyville, KY.

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