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Somerset Kentucky Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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Driving in Somerset and hiring a car accident lawyer

There aren’t a whole lot of car accidents in Somerset, but when there are and a serious injury is involved, it is important to speak to an experienced accident attorney who is familiar with your area. That’s because insurers frequently attempt to pay out as little as possible for your injuries.

Somerset, Kentucky is the county seat of Pulaski County Kentucky. US-27 is the main thoroughfare and runs through the middle of town. Approximately 12 square miles in size, Somerset has approximately 12,000 residents and borders Lake Cumberland, which was completed in 1950. With over 2 trillion gallons of water, Lake Cumberland averages 85 feet in depth and is one of the largest man made lakes in the world.

Nearby Cumberland Falls and the Big South Fork National River are popular tourist destinations as are the many Civil War battleground sites and cemeteries, such as Mill Springs. Normal tourist season runs from early spring to late autumn but festivals and holiday-appropriate activities bring tourists all during the year.

Somerset has a small-town atmosphere and residents will talk to you like they’ve known you for years. A statue of former ambassador and senator John Sherman Cooper stands watch over Fountain Square, which is located in the center of a roundabout. Adjacent to the roundabout is the center of downtown and the south courthouse square historic district. The Somerset commercial historic district abuts courthouse square and provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of decades past. Quaint houses are immaculately kept and pride of ownership is evident everywhere. The majority of businesses in downtown Somerset are professional offices along with the requisite small eateries and boutique shops.

Residents of Somerset are friendly and outgoing, always ready to help if your car breaks down or you need directions. Although traffic usually moves fairly rapidly on the four-to-six-lane US-27, it can become congested during rush hour or on Friday nights and holidays. Congestion is short-lived however, so traffic flow is usually good.

If you’re slow to respond to a traffic light change, you’ll not have a line of people honking their horns at you; Somerset residents are patient and easy-going. Road rage isn’t an occurrence in this friendly town and the crime rate is very low. Somerset hosts the Somernites Cruise on the fourth Saturday evening of each month from April to October and classic car buffs can get up close and personal with some beautifully restored classic and antique vehicles.

Most of the retail shopping is located along the main thoroughfare with easy ingress and egress, although you may need to go to the next stoplight and make a U-turn when you’re leaving. Somerset has a Lowe’s, a Walmart, a Cinema 8 theater, and several other major retailers such as Sally Beauty. However, much of the shopping is at the large Tri-County Flea Market, which is open year round but summer is its busiest time. You can find farming implements from decades ago, home canned fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, quilts, clothes, and probably things you can’t define. A trip through this flea market is an adventure that will take an entire day.

Dangerous intersections in Somerset

Although the road through Somerset is straightforward, there are three intersections that can cause problems. The first intersection is at the roundabout by the fountain. As you approach the fountain and make a right turn, you’re directly opposing oncoming traffic. You have to make a left turn and cross oncoming traffic in order to go around the fountain and head downtown. Traffic in this area is usually light and the speed limit is very low but it’s prudent to exercise caution at this location.

Another intersection that requires caution is at the junction of US-27 and KY-80. This intersection is very wide, not at 90 degree angles, and there are two left-hand turn lanes. The speed limit is high on the main road so traffic moves rapidly.

The third intersection is at Oak Hill and US-27. Oak Hill has a severe angle of descent as it approaches US-27 and if your brakes should fail, you can be involved in a serious accident; fatalities have occurred in this intersection for this reason.

Semi trucks regularly travel US-27 but keep to the right and are usually not an impediment to traffic. Occasionally, a farm vehicle will appear, but these are infrequent and the road is wide enough to make it easy to pass them.

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Is Somerset a nice place to visit?
For those who want to experience small town life, Somerset Kentucky is an excellent destination. For history buffs, the abundance of historic sites such as the Mill Springs Ghost Walk and the Brown Lanier House or places where young Abraham Lincoln lived make this a family friendly destination that can be educational as well. Uber isn’t available in Somerset, but there’s a local taxi service.

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