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What Documents do I Need after my Car Accident?

After a car crash where you were injured and you feel that it was the other driver’s fault, you will need to gather some documents to bring to your attorney.

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you need to prove the following:

  1. The other driver was negligent
  2. You were injured because of their negligence
  3. Your injuries caused you financial loss and other losses compensable by Kentucky law.

Documents Needed

The other driver was negligent.

Bring these to your first visit to the attorney. This will help him or her determine if you are entitled to compensation.

  1. Police Report: Usually available online and not too long after the accident.
  2. Photographs: If you are anyone you know took photos, get them on your phone or other device and bring them.
  3. Witness List and Statements: Some of these will be on the accident report, but not all. The police officers who were there might have other information in their notes. Ask for a copy of the relevant part of their notes.
  4. Any tickets given to you or the other driver(s): These will be a matter of public record not too long after the accident.
  5. Police Investigation Report: If the police did an accident construction investigation, then this will be helpful. In many cases, this report won’t be available for a few weeks after the wreck.
  6. Ambulance/EMS Report: If you were transported to the hospital, then there will be a
  7. Trauma Center Records: If you went to the ER, then there should be records of the visit soon after you are discharged. These will be helpful to give your attorney an idea of the type of injuries you sustained.

You were injured because of the negligence of the driver

After your first meeting, you will have probably been to the doctor’s office for treatment and you can round up any documents that weren’t available for the first meeting.

Primary Doctor/Orthopedic Records: Any records to date that related to your injury.

Specialists/Surgeries: If you went to a specialist or had surgery, start collecting these records too.

Rehab Records: After you completed your physical therapy or other rehab, get those records as well.

Lost Time from Work: You will be compensated for all missed time from work, so get these records together.

Car Insurance Policy: There may be coverage you are entitled to from your own insurance even if the accident was the other driver’s fault.

Miscellaneous Documentation

The law allows you to get compensated for any of your financial losses associated with the accident. If your car was repaired or totaled, you can get that information together. If you lost items in the car crash, you can get documentation for those things. Basically, any evidence of how the crash cost you will be considered for compensation.

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