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The only thing scarier on an interstate than icy conditions is seeing other motorists driving as if conditions were normal. A careless driver can be traveling at the speed limit or beyond as they continue to pass traffic and weave in and out of lanes ignoring the threat of slipping and sliding and losing control.

One driver can ignore the danger and lose control of a vehicle and cause a collision involving multiple other drivers who were trying to proceed safely. This mistake can cause painful injuries for drivers and passengers in several vehicles in an instant.

Icy Accidents on Louisville’s Gene Snyder Freeway

Several accidents were caused by roadway ice along the Gene Snyder Freeway/I-265 on Monday morning in eastern and southern Louisville. WLKY-TV monitored the developing dangers on road surfaces all morning long as Louisville residents woke up to below freezing temperatures.

Emergency officials responded to a three-vehicle crash on southbound Gene Snyder Freeway near Westport Road. A five-vehicle crash occurred in the southbound lanes at La Grange Road. A rollover crash on the interstate also required emergency crews at Taylorsville road. There were also two separate crashes on Gene Snyder Freeway northbound at I-64.

There’s no word on how many injuries were involved with these crashes. Freezing temperatures in the morning are possible for Louisville almost every day this week. Any water on the roads can turn into ice and create potential hazards. Drivers should always adjust their speeds accordingly.

Finding Help for the Victims of Winter Accidents in Louisville

Victims in winter weather accidents can find themselves spun out or overturned in a vehicle before they even know what happened. A careless driver can be speeding by or making reckless moves in the lane and suddenly lose grip on the road and collide with numerous other vehicles.

Motorists may think that due to icy conditions there isn’t any blame to assign in these frightening crashes, but that’s not true. All drivers are required to travel at a speed safe for conditions. Speed limits don’t always apply in winter weather. A driver must go slow enough to avoid sliding into other vehicles, and if they instead decide to travel at speeds that cause them to lose control they can be liable for any accident they cause.

Victims can file a claim for damages against an at-fault driver and expect help from that driver’s insurance company all through injury recovery. You may experience a broken bone, whiplash, or even brain trauma in a crash caused by an unsafe driver. The cost of hospital care will be outrageous and can be high enough to bankrupt you and your family. Make sure this burden doesn’t fall on you by filing a civil lawsuit against the driver’s insurance policy and getting the financial help that’s only fair for what you’ve suffered.

Contact a Winter Weather Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were seriously hurt when a driver ignored icy conditions and drove recklessly, contact a Louisville Auto Accident Attorney you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation.

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