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Wrong-way collisions can be the most frightening accidents of all. Drivers can take every precaution as they travel, but they can be unprepared for someone coming directly at them in the wrong direction. The shock of that sight can make it harder for drivers to avoid oncoming obstacles.

Patch looked at recent AAA numbers on wrong-way accidents. In recent years wrong-way collisions have been up by nearly a third across the nation. They reported that over a nine-year span Kentucky saw 33 fatal wrong-way accidents leading to a tragic 39 lives claimed. That averaged out to around 4.3 deaths per year.

The severe consequences for Kentucky drivers, families, and communities are clear. More needs to be done on all fronts to keep drivers from making mistakes that lead to wrong-way travel on Lexington roads. More should also be done to prevent careless drivers from so easily being able to enter our roads traveling the wrong direction.

Wrong-Way Crash on New Circle Road in Lexington

A wrong-way crash killed one driver and injured another early Sunday morning southwest of downtown Lexington. LEX18-TV reports the accident happened around 1:45 a.m. on the inner loop of New Circle Road between Nicholasville Road and Harrodsburg Road on June 6, 2021.

Lexington Police say that a 54-year-old woman from Madison County somehow ended up traveling in the wrong direction on New Circle Road. Her car collided with another vehicle and she died from the impact. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospital and the person’s condition hasn’t been released.

Lexington Police are working to determine what lead to the wrong-way driver ending up in the wrong direction.

Support for Lexington Car Accident Victims and Their Families

Accident victims can spend a night in the emergency room and then be admitted to the hospital for a week or more stay. The simple costs of a bed and meals can be enormous and that doesn’t count doctor and medication bills, the expense of surgery, and the physical therapy to come.

Victims who are hurt through no fault of their own should never have to bear the expense of their recovery alone. Especially as they lose paychecks while having to miss work hours. An insurance company for a driver found responsible for a collision should be held accountable for all hardships endured by the victim. A claim for damages can ask an insurance company to help with all expenses associated with a full recovery for the victim.

The at-fault driver may have also been a victim in the collision, but injured victims should not feel bad about seeking only what’s fair for what they’ve been through. The claim would generally target the insurance company involved and not the driver or his or her family. This is why drivers pay insurance premiums. To make sure victims in accidents have what they need to restore their lives back to normal.

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