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You have to watch out for all sorts of vehicles on the road in Lexington. One of the most common you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis is a garbage truck. These extremely large and cumbersome trucks aren’t built for maneuverability, and if they collide with your car, you could be in for a serious accident.

One such collision occurred on the morning of Monday, January 8, 2024, according to a story from WKYT. The Lexington Police Department (LPD) responded to the crash scene on Versailles Road and Colonial Drive in Lexington, where they found the garbage truck had collided with another vehicle, causing the passenger vehicle to rollover.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, but the passenger vehicle was significantly damaged. Investigators say the garbage truck was trying to make a left turn onto Colonial Drive when it collided with the other car. No garbage was lost during the crash, but the outbound lane of Versailles Road was closed as the scene was cleared.

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Who is Liable When There’s an Accident With a Garbage Truck?

Even though it’s not as common, accidents with garbage trucks can happen. When they do, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is who is legally responsible–or liable–for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. In Kentucky, garbage trucks are held to the same standard as any other motor vehicle when it comes to liability for accidents.

Essentially, like any other vehicle, if the garbage truck driver causes an accident due to negligence, both the driver and the entity they work for are responsible for the resulting damages. To review, there are four elements of negligence:

  • A legal duty owed to the injured person by the garbage truck driver and company not to cause an accident.
  • Breach of that duty by the garbage truck driver and company.
  • You or someone else suffering an injury in an accident with the garbage truck.
  • Showing “proximate cause,” demonstrating that the garbage truck driver or company breached its duty and caused the injury.

Working with our Lexington truck accident lawyers has the benefit of their extensive knowledge of Kentucky law and experience in negotiating with multiple insurance companies. We can assist you in identifying any liable party in your garbage truck accident, including:

  • The garbage truck driver
  • The City of Lexington
  • The private garbage collection company, like Waste Management
  • Manufacturers of failed or defective parts
  • The company that leased the garbage truck
  • Shippers or loaders of the garbage trucks
  • Passengers on the garbage truck that distracted the driver
  • Maintenance personnel that worked on the garbage truck

Obviously, this can get somewhat complicated, especially if there are multiple parties involved in the accident. While you don’t have to, choosing to work with our truck accident lawyers can make the process much easier on you and your family.

Seasoned Truck Accident Lawyers in Lexington

At Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, we recognize the complexities of Lexington truck accidents, especially when they involve garbage trucks. Our team comprises skilled and committed lawyers prepared to help and stand up for you. We will guide you by explaining your legal rights, exploring available legal options, and providing the necessary support to recover damages from the city or anyone else involved. These damages can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Damage to your car or other property
  • Lost income from missing work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life

To learn more about how we can help you in these accidents, contact us for a free consultation.