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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

On August 10, 2018, one cyclist died in a hit-and-run crash in Louisville on Westport Road. Police are still searching for the driver involved in this tragic collision.

According to, this crash occurred at 4AM close to Westport Middle School and Ormsby Lane. Allegedly, the driver of a white pickup truck struck a cyclist and fled the scene. First-responders quickly pronounced the cyclist dead from his injuries.

Police found bicycle debris on Westport Road and the actual bicycle on Lyndon Lane. Authorities believe the bike was attached to the truck’s front grill at the time of the crash and was later pulled off.

Anyone with information on this crash is urged to call Louisville police.

Hit-And-Runs At Record Highs

A new AAA study found that almost 2,050 Americans lost their lives in hit-and-run crashes in 2016. This represents a 60 percent increase in hit-and-run fatalities from statistics in 2009. Well over 60 percent of the victims killed in these hit-and-runs were either pedestrians or bicyclists.

This report also found that there are approximately 682,000 hit-and-runs annually in the USA. That translates to at least one hit-and-run per minute.

AAA advises all drivers involved in crashes with pedestrians and cyclists to call 911 and remain on the scene of the crime. To learn more about Kentucky’s specific hit-and-run policies, please read this link to Kentucky Statutes Chapter 189.580.

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC: Defenders Of Bicyclists’ Rights

Although bicycling is becoming increasingly popular in the USA, many motorists don’t show cyclists the same degree of courtesy they would show another motorist. Bicyclists in Kentucky should know that they have rights and deserve to be respected on the roads.

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