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Can improper tire pressure cause car accidents?

Over or underinflated tires can cause blowouts, especially on tractor trailers. Negligent maintenance by the vehicle owner or company can lead to injuries of innocent victims.

Summer is a wonderful time to pack the family, pets, and household belongings into the car and journey along the highways and byways of our great country to see the sights. Packing, of course, is always a chore.

But most of us spend far more time worrying about (let’s be honest) the electronic amusements to keep our kids quiet than we do about the actual vehicle itself that we are entrusting with our family’s safety.

What About the Tires?

Not surprisingly, many people don’t know the proper level of tire pressure for their vehicles. The tire pressure of your vehicle is the amount of air filling your car’s tires. It is measured in “psi,” or pounds per square inch.

Why Does Tire Pressure Matter So Much?

Imagine, if you will, a deflated balloon on your counter. It is essentially flat, with approximately half of its surface area touching the counter. If you were able to fill it while it was resting there, you would notice that as it filled, less of the surface area was touching the counter. This is not because it is floating upwards (we’re not filling it with helium, just air), but because as it fills and expands, it creates a rounded surface that requires less contact with the counter.

The same principle applies to a tire. As it fills with air, the surface of the tire expands or contracts until it reaches the optimal level for balance. That optimal level differs by make and manufacturer, and can usually be found on the vehicle itself. It may be written on the driver’s side door pillar, on the glove compartment door, or even on the inside of the gas door.

The “Right” Tire Pressure

If the tire pressure is too high (too much air in the tires), it’s at risk of popping. This also means that there is not enough surface area of the tire touching the road. This affects braking ability, makes the tires more vulnerable to being pierced by road debris, and results in not enough traction. Overinflated tires also wear out more rapidly.

If the tire pressure, conversely, is too low, this is also cause for concern. The tire has too much surface area in contact with the road, leading to overheating concerns. This also makes braking, handling, and turning more challenging because of the increased friction and wear. Steering control may also be compromised, which can result in increased risk of accidents or tire blowouts.

Check Your Tires Today!

The good news is that tire pressure is easily measured. A simple tire pressure check can be done at most gas stations. Given that tire inflation has a lot to do with gas efficiency, that’s a strong motivation to keep your tires at the right level!

Do you need a Louisville car accident lawyer?

Taking the time to check your tire pressure can be the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger. If you were the victim of an accident caused by improper tire pressure, Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, is happy to lend our decades of experience to evaluating your case. We are Louisville car accident attorneys who have pursued recoveries totaling millions of dollars for injured clients and there is no fee unless we WIN or settle your case. Call us at (502) 458-5555.