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Motorcyclists in Kentucky are put at the most risk to their safety by three common mistakes by drivers. Motorists can switch lanes or merge without checking blind spots where a rider could easily be traveling. Drivers can also rear-end a motorcyclist when they aren’t paying attention to the traffic in front of them and end up missing the single taillight of a motorcycle.

Drivers making left turns are also a common threat for riders. Drivers can get anxious and hit the gas after oncoming vehicles have passed, only to miss spotting the smaller profile of an approaching motorcycle. Devastating collisions are often the outcome when drivers don’t take the time to look out for everyone on the road before making a turn.

Motorcyclist Tragically Killed After an Intersection Collision in Georgetown

A man on a motorcycle lost his life in a collision in southern Georgetown Friday Afternoon. LEX18-TV reports the accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of McClelland Circle and Lexington Road on September 9, 2022.

The Georgetown Police Department determined that an SUV was traveling south on Lexington Road and began to turn left onto the bypass. During that turn the SUV struck a motorcycle that was traveling in the opposite lane.

The man on the motorcycle, a 48-year-old from Georgetown, was killed in the crash. The driver of the SUV was not injured.

The Georgetown Police Department continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident.

Support for Families After a Lexington Motorcycle Accident

Kentucky families who experience the loss of a loved one after a senseless tragedy can quickly face financial stress on top of their grief. The costs of emergency response and the expense of a burial service can work to leave close relatives on the verge of bankruptcy.

It’s important that families move to protect themselves in the short and long term. They can ask for help from the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider by filing a wrongful death claim. This civil lawsuit seeks support to help with these bills and also to replace the weekly paychecks the victim may have provided the family.

A spouse or domestic partner, children of the victim, and in some cases the parents of the victim can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the rest of the family. A local personal injury attorney can also represent the family and file this claim.  The attorney would make sure family members receive every benefit available and are not taken advantage of by an insurance company looking to protect its own profits.

Contact a Georgetown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Families should be provided all the time they need to grieve a tragic loss after a motorcycle accident. Sadly, they must check over every move an insurance company makes in the wake of a collision. Insurance adjusters often try to blame motorcyclists for their own accidents no matter what a collision report states. This is an unfair practice that is used to avoid paying a victimized family the support they need.

Talk to a Georgetown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to make sure your family is fully aware of their rights. The attorneys at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, use a combined 100 years of local experience in helping clients earn the support they need to rebuild their lives.