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The interstates around and through Louisville can be challenging to navigate for any driver. The extreme speeds sometimes seen on the interstates can suddenly drop down to a crawl during peak hours leaving already distracted drivers with little time to react.  Multi-car pile-up accidents can be the result.

The Kentucky State Police see the dangers major arteries in Louisville can pose to motorists every day. They responded to 2,773 accidents along Interstate 64 alone in 2018. The collisions led to 19 deaths and left 657 victims injured.

Morning and evening traffic can be treacherous on I-64.  One accident can quickly lead into another and several drivers and passengers may end up with serious injuries.

I-65 Multi-Vehicle Collision in Downtown Louisville

An early Friday morning crash on Interstate 65N in Lexington caused several injuries. WAVE3-TV reported the multi-car accident happened near downtown around 6:45 am near the Brook Street exit on August 28, 2020.

Officials with the Kentucky TRIMARC Incident Management Systems reported the accident involved several vehicles. Injuries were reported but the extent of those injuries is not known. The cause of the crash has not been released.

Morning traffic had to be rerouted around exit 136A.

Building a Case After an Accident on Interstate 64

An interstate accident can create a chain reaction that can go on to create many more victims who weren’t involved in the original collision.  Drivers coming up on an accident may have enough notice to swerve to miss the crash, but they might also cause an impact with another vehicle beside them or even lose control of their car.

In these multiple car accidents, there can be several drivers at-fault.  The driver who caused the original impact will be held accountable, but drivers behind them that might have traveling too fast or made an unsafe move can also be cited by investigators.

If you aren’t badly injured, it’s important to try to gather evidence right after an accident to show that it wasn’t your fault.  These details can help you build a strong case against the driver or drivers to blame.

Of course, your safety is the first concern. Assess your injuries and any passenger injuries and call 911. Give a full report to dispatchers and the police on what happened.  Take photos of the scene, the damaged cars, and note where all of the vehicles involved in the crash wound up. Exchange information with the other drivers, but don’t make any statements to them about the accident.  Insurance companies may try to use these statements later to weaken your case. Finally, get checked out by paramedics and your personal doctor and document any injuries.

Filing a claim for damages against all of the responsible parties may be the only way to get help paying for your recovery and the other costs you’ll encounter. Kentucky lets victims in accidents wait up to a year from when the incident occurred to file a claim for injuries.  Victims have up to two years to file a claim for property damage.

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The Kaufman & Stigger Injury Lawyers of Louisville don’t recommend that injury victims wait a full year to file their claim.  The more time that passes from the date of an accident the harder it will be to locate documents and witnesses who may be essential to your case. A local attorney can help you assemble these important details.

The attorneys at Kaufman &  Stigger, PLLC, have that knowledge and a combined 100 years’ experience in helping clients get the compensation they’ll need to fully recover. To discuss your case, call Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, at (800) 937-8443, or click here to contact them online.