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Most Kentucky drivers have probably been on the roads in the winter when snow and ice start to build up. Travel can get dangerous, but most drivers would get home safely if everyone adjusted their speeds to the conditions.

Sadly, there are always those reckless drivers who travel at their normal high speeds no matter how icy it gets. They take a risk with their actions, but unfortunately, they’re also putting other motorists in hazardous situations. One instance of hitting the brakes too late or going too fast in an icy curve can take control from a careless driver and send their vehicles on a dangerous course into other vehicles.

Bad Accidents in Rockcastle and Carter Counties During Winter Conditions

A man lost his life in Carter County and another accident injured multiple people in Rockcastle County as a winter storm moved across Kentucky on Monday.

The Kentucky State Police tweeted out information on a multi-vehicle collision involving a semi-truck on I-75 near the 55-mile marker in Rockcastle County. The trooper involved reported the crash shortly after 3 p.m. on February 15, 2021. Early indications were that there were serious injuries involved.

Around the same time, the KSP reported emergency crews were on the way to a two-vehicle accident on I-24 in Marshall County. The westbound lanes near the 27-mile marker were closed after a reported vehicle crash with injuries involved.

A tragic accident on I-64 in Carter County early Monday morning claimed someone’s life near Olive Hill. WTVQ confirmed the deadly accident with Transportation Secretary Jim Gray. It happened sometime before 6 a.m. along a stretch where icy conditions had been noted. No further details have been released on the cause of the accident or if other vehicles or victims were involved.

Support for Victims In Kentucky Winter Weather Accidents

It’s a common misconception that in wintry conditions drivers can’t be held liable for accidents or be ticketed. That’s false. When conditions aren’t perfect on the roads, posted speed limits can get tossed out the window. The new speed limit is whatever is slow enough and safe enough for conditions. It’s whatever speed allows you to remain in control of your car.

For injury victims who are hit by careless drivers during weather events, a claim for damages against their insurance provider can still be filed. If they were behind you and couldn’t stop in time, it’s their fault for not traveling slowly enough. Insurance companies know this, but they don’t always inform victims. They do this because they hope to avoid paying out a large settlement to help you with every hospital bill you end up with and all the lost wages at work you miss out on as you heal.

For families who have lost a loved one in a winter weather accident, a wrongful death claim filed on behalf of close relatives can move forward. This lawsuit would be leveled at the insurance company that covers the driver responsible for the accident. The family could ask to be reimbursed for things like ambulance fees, estate settlement expenses, and funeral and burial costs. The lost earnings the deceased would have provided the family in the years to come can also be part of a settlement.


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