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Buses are commonplace vehicles on the road. They take a large amount of people from point A to point B. Buses can be both public and private. They include school buses, public transit, and agencies that offer bus travel. They are helpful to a modern society.


Nevertheless, buses and their drivers are just as capable of colliding and crashing. With their large sizes, buses face their own set of concerns.


Major Safety Concerns


To the man outside, the size of a bus proves to be the most hazardous thing. Standard vehicles are usually smaller than a bus. So, in an accident, it is plausible that more damage will be done to the smaller car. In addition, bus drivers must be aware of a larger area than average cars.


Bus riders also face their own concerns. Buses don’t normally have seat belts to protect passengers. And some people have to stand while holding a guard rail when all seats are taken. If an accident were to occur, these people could face serious injuries.


Liability in Bus Accidents


In a bus accident, many different factors play into liability. This is because multiple people and entities can be involved. To explore this, let’s look at an example.


Let’s say a bus gets into an accident with an average car. If that bus driver was not paying attention to the road or being negligent, he can be held liable. In addition to this, the owner of the company can be held liable for allowing an unsafe driver to drive the company’s truck. The manufacturer of any of the truck’s machinery (such as the engine or brakes) can also be held liable as well, if the products led or contributed to the accident.


Special Liability Cases: Government-Owned Buses and School Buses


Sometimes a bus and its driver work under a government entity. In these instances, the government may be held liable. Governmental entities work differently and have special insurance circumstances. It is important to have an experienced Louisville auto accident lawyer who can navigate these complications.


School buses have their own sets of concerns. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a special set of rules apply to these buses. The Kentucky Department of Education outlines these regulations. To operate a school bus such as a JCPS bus, drivers must undergo training and testing. They must also utilize the bus’s utilities (such as lights) in a way that encourages safety. If the drivers fail to follow regulations, they may be liable. The entity in charge may also be liable.




In most personal injury claims, the opposing party’s negligence must be proved to win the case. Negligence, in bus accident cases, can be measured by how closely all parties involved adhered to their respective laws. The United States Department of Transportation offers a wealth of knowledge for buses, trucks, and other carrier or transporting vehicles. Again, negligence can be on the part of the driver, owner, or even manufacturer.




Receiving compensation for a bus accident case is based on various factors.


Depending on the case, you can be compensated for hospital bills (both past and present, if they concern the case at hand), treatment for injuries (minor and serious), and even emotional damages. Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you feel you have a case.


Legal Help


Bus accidents can be tricky. To ensure that you are aware of your options, you should consult experienced attorneys.


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