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At Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, we have recovered millions for clients injured by defective drugs or products.

When manufacturers produce products for the consumers, they have a legal and ethical responsibility to make sure those products are safe; however, many aspects of business can get in the way of safety, including inappropriately-rushed production, a push for large profits and inadequate testing practices. When a product leads to harm due to neglect or a defect, there may be a case against the manufacturer.

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Product Liability Claims

So, how can you tell if you have a case? A product liability claim may be the solution when a product falls into one of the following categories:

Products with Marketing Defects
These products have been advertised in a misleading or false way. Claims like these are usually filed against pharmaceutical companies who advertise that a drug or product is safe when in reality, they are aware it isn’t.

Products That Are Defectively Manufactured
These products have a problem in their individualized manufacturing, making their errors unique. If you file a claim based on a product being defectively manufactured, evidence must be shown that there was a defect and that it caused injuries not due to personal misuse.

Products That Are Defectively Designed
These products have been designed in an unsafe or faulty way. In these cases, the entire line of products is defective or dangerous due to problems in the product’s engineering.

Products with Failure to Warn or Instruct
These products generally neglect to provide adequate information, warnings, instructions or any otherwise necessary information about the product. If it’s the general thought that a product should behave a certain way, the manufacturer has a responsibility to notify the customer that it does not, for safety reasons.

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Injured by a Defective Product or Drug? We Can Help.

Drug companies and medical equipment manufacturers have promoted prescription drugs and devices that have caused catastrophic injury, serious illness, and even death. These range from complex medical devices like the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement system, to seemingly innocuous products such as talcum powder. Our years of experience working with successful cases dealing with defective products mean our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to bring you to justice. If you or someone you love has suffered from side effects of a prescription drug or defective medical device, contact our team of Louisville product liability lawyers at (502) 458-5555 or (800) 937-8443. Tell us what happened to you, so we can discuss every dollar the law allows.

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