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Requesting An Accident Report in Georgetown KY

Kentucky driving can take you down backroads and along busy interstates, but no matter where you travel, there will always be dangerous drivers who can land you in a collision. You may not have been able to prevent the accident, but you can defend yourself from being victimized afterward by insurance agents.

If you are in an accident in and around Georgetown and Scott County contact a local lawyer who specializes in making sure innocent victims don’t get stuck with their recovery bills. An at-fault driver and his or her insurance provider should be held accountable and having your own attorney can help make sure that happens.

How to Get an Accident Report in Georgetown

After your collision, you may find yourself in need of the accident report written up by the responding officer. It can be the most valuable piece of evidence in proving your innocence after a crash.

If you have asked an attorney to help you with your case he or she will likely be working to obtain the report for you. In accidents involving just property damage, your insurance agent may be working to get the report.

If you need to get a copy for yourself from Georgetown Police you can visit their website. Here you’ll find options to print out an open records request or to fill it out online. Trying to include information like the report number, which you should have received from the officer on the scene. Include the location of the crash, the date, and any information you know about the other driver.

The city has three days to respond to you. If your record is okay to release you can receive your report in email form, a document mailed to you, or by going in to retrieve it in person. There is a 10 cent per page charge for your report. You will also have to provide postage if you want your report sent through the mail.

You can also print out a request form and mail it to the Georgetown Records Custodian.

Open Records Custodian

100 N Court Street

Georgetown, KY 40324

Accident Reports from the Kentucky State Police

A Kentucky State Police Officer may have responded to your crash, perhaps on I-75. In this case, you can go to BuyCrash online to locate your accident report. You should also be able to get a copy of your report from the Kentucky State Police Post closest to the location of the collision. You’ll want to call or email them to find out what information you’ll need to make your request.

When to Get a Lawyer’s Help After a Georgetown Collision

After an accident that results only in property damage or minor injuries, your claim will likely only involve a standard insurance claim for repairs. You can usually handle these claims yourself. However, if you suffer a serious injury, your needs can be drastically different.

A broken bone or a traumatic brain injury can involve extended care and perhaps more therapy or even surgeries in the future. You may also have to miss paychecks while being out of work with your injury. These factors can greatly increase the need for proper compensation and also make an insurance company fight harder against giving you what need for recovery. Allow an attorney with Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, to take up this fight for you and make sure you have what you require to get back on your feet again.

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