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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Mount Washington KY Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an auto accident or sustained a personal injury in Mount Washington, Kentucky, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. You will be connected directly to one of our experienced attorneys immediately.

Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys in Mount Washington

Mount Washington is primarily a commuting city that’s located in Bullitt County, about 20 miles south of the Ohio River and Louisville. It’s accessed by U.S. Routes 31 and 50 which pass through the city. Given its proximity to Louisville, Mount Washington continues to grow. It’s present estimated population is 14,400 residents, and it’s part of the Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky-Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area that’s commonly referred to as Kentuckiana with a population of more than 1.2 million people.

Types of Accidents that We Represent Clients In

Our personal injury law firm represents clients in Mount Washington and throughout the Louisville area. Those clients have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, boating accidents and construction and industrial accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a metropolitan area of more than a million people, motor vehicle accidents with injuries are going to occur daily. That’s especially true with occasional rain, sleet, snow and ice during the winter months like Kentuckyiana gets.

The Opposing Insurer’s Strategy

When a personal injury claim is made after an accident, the opposing insurer opens a claim file and assigns a bodily injury adjuster to it. His or her job is to investigate and manage the claim and then pay as little as possible on it in compensation for the claimant’s injuries. That’s typically attempted by contesting liability and damages while also raising issues about the claimant’s credibility.

Our Objective

After we’ve been retained in a personal injury case, we begin building our client’s case. Our objective is opposite of that of the opposing insurer. We want to maximize the compensation that our clients receive.

Putting the Case together

We begin building a case right after being hired. The case consists of evidence, and we assemble that evidence into a final product. The evidence consists of medical bills, records and reports from health care providers, lost earnings verification from the client’s employer, photographs of the location of the accident and the instrumentalities involved and any security or traffic camera footage of the accident itself. Careful preparation of a case benefits our clients. If a lawsuit is filed, we’re fully prepared to go to trial without any unnecessary delays.

Possible Settlement

Trial costs can be expensive, but they’re often avoided with careful preparation. After the client has reached maximum medical improvement and has been discharged from care by their physicians, we assemble a settlement package that’s based on all of the evidence. That package is forwarded to the opposing insurer’s adjuster along with our settlement demand. We’ll allow a reasonable period of time for settlement discussions, but if that insurer drags its feet or is unreasonable, we’ll file the client’s personal injury lawsuit over in the Circuit Court of Bullitt County in Shepherdsville. Given the way that we prepare our case files, we’re ready to put the evidence in the case before a judge and jury. The defense attorney will still be scurrying. That’s one of the big reasons why many cases settle immediately before trial.

Talk to Us First

The wisest thing that you can do after being injured in an accident is to talk to us rather than the opposing insurance company. That opposing insurer is going to want a recorded statement from you. Kentucky law doesn’t require you to do that, so politely refuse, and call us. That insurer only wants to use your own words against you in the future to attack your credibility. You’ll make other mistakes too, and that insurer will only use them against you. Anything that you say to us is confidential and protected by law.

Mount Washington KY Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

Contact us right away after being injured in any accident to arrange for a free professional case consultation and review with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. You don’t even need to pay us a single penny to retain us either. That’s because our agreement provides that we don’t get paid any legal fees at all unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. With what we’re offering you, there’s no reason not to contact us after being injured in an accident.

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