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Lexington Target Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyer

Target stores offer so much selection on those gleaming aisles. But with all those distracting items it’s sometimes hard to pull your eyes away and look down at your feet. That can be a real problem when a slick spot or a puddle on the floor has been left unattended. You can take a sudden tumble and be left to worry about your health and your financial security after an accident.

Help for Lexington Target Slip-And-Fall Victims

Whether you’re in the clothing section with garments off hangers and on the floor ready to trip you or you’re on the laundry detergent aisle sliding through a soapy spill, you can get seriously hurt. These hazards should be quickly cleaned up or repaired, but sometimes that responsibility shared by Target proprietors and employees is forgotten.

This store was negligent and caused you to fall and get injured, but will Target be there for you as you try to heal and recover. The truth is that big companies will always try to avoid liability if you let them.

If you were hurt in a fall at Target contact a Lexington Slip-And-Fall Lawyer who can quickly begin collecting evidence to put pressure on Target to do the right thing. You should never be left alone to face medical expenses and physical therapy costs after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

What to Know if you are a Target Slip-and-Fall Victim

Target will try to distract you with bargains and fancy displays, but they will always be liable for a customer’s safety. They owe a “duty of care” to any visitor they invite onto their property. That covers your security from the parking lot all the way to the back aisle.

Candy on aisles left by children or a leaking milk jug can drop you to the hard floor and create instant mobility issues for you. If a blow to the head is involved a trip-and-fall accident can also rob you of memories and the ability to complete everyday activities.

If you are seriously hurt in an accident here is some important information for victims to know:

  • Kentucky Statute of Limitations – The state grants injury victims up to one year from the time of the accident to file a claim for damages against Target and their insurers. It’s a good idea to file a claim as soon as you’re ready. It’s better to give a big corporation as much time as possible to respond to your claim. They can move slowly. It’s also harder to gather evidence and documents you’ll need as time passes.
  • Comparative Negligence – You may have been partially responsible for your accident, but that doesn’t mean Target gets away without helping you. Kentucky is a pure comparative negligence state meaning that you and Target can each share blame after an accident. You may have been distracted while walking and checking an app on your phone when you fell, but Target still has to bear some of the responsibility for the hazard that sent you sprawling. Target can still be required to provide compensation for your hardships. The award may just subtract whatever percentage of the blame you’ve been assigned.
  • Compensation to Request – You can be awarded compensation for any difficulty you’ve experienced in the aftermath of an accident, but you have to know to ask. These hardships can include hospital bills seen now and for any expected care in the future. The wages you’ve lost while being out of work since your fall and any lost time anticipated in the future. Travel costs for medical appointments including travel out of state to see specialists. Emotional costs can also factor into compensation. You may be experiencing depression over the change in lifestyle your injury caused or a loss of enjoyment of life. You may need money for psychological counseling.
  • Reasons to have an Attorney – Target is a giant, international company, and they will have a team of full-time lawyers ready to go. These representatives will work to belittle your injuries, question your account of what happened, and try to get you to accept nothing for your accident or very little. A lawyer on your side can catch every trick they try to pull and make sure you don’t fall prey. A lawyer can also make sure you’ve documented every injury and hardship you’ve suffered so that you can earn the most compensation for your pain.

Contact a Lexington Target Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

If you are injured in a fall at a major retailer or grocery store like Target contact a Lexington Slip-And-Fall Attorney to talk over your case for free with no obligation to you. We will listen to you and help you determine your next step.

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