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car-accidentEvery year, the Allstate insurance company releases its Best Drivers Report. The report ranks and compares 200 of America’s biggest suburban areas in driver safety. They are ranked according to claim likelihood, years between claims, and other factors (based on information from Allstate’s clients in the respective areas).

So where did our beloved state end up for 2016?

Overall Results

Good news! The two Kentucky areas that were included in this study made the top 100! The two areas include Louisville (which includes Jefferson County in this report) and Lexington (which includes Fayette).

Louisville took a bit of a dip, dropping from the 69th position in 2015 to 85th for 2016. Lexington improved an already-great showing by moving from 31st in 2015 to 25th in 2016.

Claims, Claims, Claims

Louisville had an average of 9.4 years between claims, with a 6.6% likelihood of a relative claim being filed (as compared to national average). Lexington fared better with an average of 11.1 years between claims and a -9.9% claim rate.

There’s a negative number here, so let’s break it down. Basically, on average, Allstate customers in Lexington had a lower likelihood of filing a claim compared to other places in America.

Hard Braking Data

Allstate also included statistics on how many hard braking incidents each city reported based on client information from their Drivewise ® program. These incidents were characterized as times when a person had to push down on his or her brakes immediately (hard stop/brake).

According to the report, the average hard brake rate for Lexington drivers was 15.2 per 1,000 miles and 15.2 for Louisville. The report’s national average was 19 per 1,000 miles, so Kentucky fared pretty well! According to Allstate, cities with high collision rates also reported higher hard braking rates. So this means, on average, that Kentucky reports lower collision rates compared to other states in America.

What Should I Do with This Information?

According to the report, Louisville and Lexington are two of the safest driving areas in America. You can celebrate, but don’t get too comfortable. Remember that this report’s information was gathered from a group smaller than the general population of the U.S. In addition to this, the report only tallied certain cities.

The report’s main objective is to promote driving safety and education. Always remember to drive safely and be aware of your surroundings. Taking these precautions will allow us to continue our reign as one of the safest driving states.

Where Can I Go for Legal Help?

Safe driving will not always protect you from collisions. If there comes a time when you need legal help, you can contact the Louisville car accident attorneys at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, at (502)458-5555. Know that your call will be coming directly to us, so that we can better assess your personal situation.