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It’s reasonable to expect accidents as a pedestrian in Louisville, but perhaps not if you’re driving your car and something goes wrong that requires you to get out and check on things. A woman and her child were both seriously injured in an accident on Dixie Highway near Katherine Station Road on Friday, December 9, 2023, according to a story from WAVE. Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) say that the woman stopped her car in the southbound lane of Dixie Highway, and was hit by a car that was also traveling in that lane. The collision also impacted the woman’s car, which injured the woman’s child who was inside the vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. Both the woman and her child were transported to local hospitals with critical injuries. LMPD’s Traffic Unit is still investigating the accident.

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Can You Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in Louisville?

Obviously, some circumstances leave you more vulnerable to accidents as a pedestrian. The above story illustrates one of the most dangerous situations, when you have to get out of your vehicle on a busy road like Dixie Highway. Still, that scenario is not as likely as others. In fact, most pedestrian accidents happen in more crowded areas with both pedestrian and normal traffic. It’s in those scenarios where the following can help you avoid an accident:

  • Use crosswalks – You should always try to use crosswalks as a pedestrian, regardless of where you are. This is, obviously, much easier to deal with as a driver, as they expect to encounter pedestrians at crosswalks rather than just randomly crossing a street.
  • Increase your visibility – You need to try to increase your visibility any way you can, particularly if you’re walking in low-light conditions. One way you can do that is by wearing bright or reflective clothing to increase your visibility.
  • Don’t get distracted – Just like drivers shouldn’t drive while distracted, pedestrians in Louisville shouldn’t walk or move around without paying attention to what they’re doing. This is another way that makes it easier for drivers to react to you.

In Louisville, pedestrians need to take precautions while moving around, but it’s equally important for drivers to be aware of pedestrians and follow traffic laws to prevent accidents. If an accident occurs due to a driver’s negligence, you or your loved one may have the option to file a claim for various damages, including medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability or disfigurement costs, and even wrongful death in the unfortunate event of a fatality.

The specific damages available in a Louisville pedestrian accident claim depend on the unique circumstances of each case. It’s crucial to collaborate with our team of experienced pedestrian accident lawyers who can help you understand your rights and pursue the benefits you deserve.

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