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One driver passed away in a head-on collision in Graves County on August 29, 2018.

Heartland News reports that this crash occurred at 8:20PM on KY 131 close to Mossy Pine Lane. Allegedly, a driver headed northbound swerved into the southbound lane and crashed head-on into another car.

The driver that swerved out of the northbound lane was soon pronounced dead from her injuries. The driver and passenger in the other car were also rushed to the hospital, but both are expected to survive their injuries.

Police are still investigating the cause of this crash.

The Dangers Of Head-On Collisions

Although head-on collisions are rare, they are amongst the most fatal accidents a motorist can be involved in. Even if you’re lucky to survive a head-on collision, it’s likely you’ll suffer a traumatic injury.

Statistics show about 80 percent of head-on collisions happen during the daytime when there is no inclement weather. Road safety experts say this is the case because drivers are more likely to be distracted and/or speed in sunny conditions.

Research into head-on collisions found that about 30 percent of head-on collisions were caused by drivers speeding around curves. A whopping 63 percent of head-on crashes, however, were caused while drivers were headed straight. Distracted driving, DUI, and driver’s fatigue all increase the odds of a head-on collision.

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