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A head-on collision between a motorcycle and semi truck in Lexington injured two people on June 7, 2018.

According to Lex18, this accident occurred around 7:30PM in between Henry Clay Boulevard and New Circle Road. Allegedly, a motorcyclist and a semi truck struck each other head-on at the 1800 block on Liberty Road.

Emergency crews transported the two people riding the motorcycle to a local hospital with major injuries. Both crash victims are, however, expected to survive. The semi truck driver wasn’t injured in this crash.

As of today, police are still investigating what caused this crash.

Fast Facts On Motorcyclist Safety

Recent statistics from the NHTSA shows that about 4,600 motorcyclists are killed and another 88,000 are injured every year on America’s roads. Amazingly, about 25 percent of the people who died while riding a motorcycle didn’t have a motorcycle license. Interestingly, 59 percent of motorcyclists who died in states without helmet restrictions weren’t wearing protective headgear; by contrast, only 8 percent of motorcyclists who died weren’t wearing helmets in states with helmet requirements.

Kentucky law requires people who have a motorcycle instruction permit, have only received their operator’s license within the past year, and/or are under 21 to wear a helmet. Although it’s legal, keep in mind that the NHTSA has shown that helmets reduce the risk of brain injuries by between 44 to 65 percent.

About 60 percent of all motorcycle accidents are caused by the fault of the driver. These accidents typically happen at intersections and oftentimes the driver tells police afterwards that s/he simply didn’t see the motorcyclist headed toward them.

With this knowledge in mind, motorcyclists should do their best to increase visibility on the roads and avoid potentially fatal accidents. A few simple strategies like wearing bright clothing and getting your front and rear lights checked by a mechanic could dramatically improve your safety Kentucky’s roads.

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