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Free Consultation: 800-937-8443

Motorcycle-SafetyBecause we care about the health and safety of all Kentucky motorcyclists, we recommend you follow the safety tips and guidelines found in the Kentucky Motorcycle Manual. We already recapped some important info in part one of this post.

This document put out by the Kentucky State Police outlines laws in regards to operating motorcycles in the state and offers advice on safe motorcycle practices. Let’s go over some tips right now. Safety information has been provided by The Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Overall Advice: Ride at Your Speed

While operating a motorcycle, ride within your abilities. Always drive at a speed and in conditions that you are comfortable with. Newer riders should be more cautious in severe weather conditions until they have more experience; and busy urban environments can be stressful for beginners. And no matter your experience level, maintain a safe driving distance and avoid hazardous maneuvers such as weaving in and out of traffic.

A Few Tips Just for Bikers

It’s a fact that the size of a motorcycle can actually work to your advantage. Operators should stay in positions that:

• Give you a good view of the traffic around you.
• Avoid blind spots of other drivers.
• Avoid surface hazards.
• Protect your lane from other drivers entering.
• Avoid any windblasts from other vehicles.
• Provide an escape route, when necessary.

Particular situations are carefully laid out in the manual, including how to safely approach and pass through intersections and how to enter and exit parking spaces. Always bear in mind that while most motor vehicle drivers have been well trained to deal with other cars and trucks on the road, they may have less experience driving with motorcycles around them. You should take it upon yourself to take extra precautions because when it comes to collisions between motorcycles and cars, motorcycle riders normally suffer the worst of the damage.

We discuss getting your license in part three.

If You Were in a Motorcycle Accident

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