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State police responded to many auto accidents across Kentucky in the early morning hours on Monday, March 12th. Highway patrol officers believe many these accidents were directly caused by slippery road conditions following March 11th’s nighttime snowstorm.

What Areas Were Hardest Hit?

According to the Bowling Green Daily News, the specific roads that had the most reported accidents were on either on Interstate 65 or Natcher Parkway. State troopers at Kentucky’s Post 3 said officers stationed in Bowling Green were especially busy Monday morning responding to accidents near I-65’s 6-mile marker. There were so many accidents in this area of the state that troopers were forced to close I-65 for a few hours. State police officially re-opened I-65 at 9AM.

On Natcher Parkway, Henderson’s Police Post 16 said it responded mostly slide-offs in Ohio County. Unfortunately, Post 16 also reported a serious head-on collision in Union County on U.S. 60. According to Post 16, there were injuries in this Union County collision.

Kentucky’s Laws On Driving In Icy Conditions

No matter if you’re in a four-wheel or a two-wheel drive vehicle, driving on icy roads is extremely dangerous. Of course, it’s best to avoid traveling on icy roads altogether if you can. If you must travel on icy roads for whatever reason, then be sure to reduce your speed limit at least half below the posted speed limit. Road safety experts also suggest never going above 45 miles per hour.

Not only is speeding on slippery surfaces seriously unsafe, it’s also against Kentucky law. According to KY § 189.390(2), all motorists must exercise “prudence” while driving on the highway. Basically, this means obeying the speed limit in good weather conditions and slowing down when the weather is dangerous to prevent injuring others.

Injured in a Weather-Related Accident?

Sadly, accidents due to slippery road surfaces are common during the wintertime. Oftentimes, these accidents dramatically alter the lives of those affected. The last thing an accident victim needs is to haggle with insurance firms who are only trying to get you to settle for well below what you deserve.

If you’re involved in a road accident related to slick roads, then you should know that you have the right to seek compensation for damages. Please get in touch with a professional Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer as soon as you can. With a dedicated lawyer by your side, you will get the justice you deserve after a winter weather-related accident.