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Most vehicle accidents in Lexington involve at least two cars. In the course of a typical day, just think about the amount of other drivers you interact with. Under these conditions, it’s clear that car accidents are almost unavoidable.

Three people were injured in a two-car accident on Paris Pike in Lexington on Monday, February 19, 2024. According to the story from LEX 18, the Lexington Police Department (LPD) responded to the accident call around 8:37 a.m. between an SUV and a van. Police say that the SUV was headed along Iron Works Pike when it collided with the van, causing the van to rollover. Two occupants of the van were trapped inside, and had to be cut out by the Lexington Fire Department (LFD.)

All three people involved–the two in the van and the driver of the SUV–were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. No criminal charges are expected to be filed.

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What Are Some Common Car Accidents in Lexington?

Throughout Lexingotn, you could easily find yourself involved in a car accident. More to the point, there’s many different types of accidents that could happen, each with their own unique circumstances and outcomes:

  • Distracted driving accidents, which are among the most common in this day and age. These happen when drivers are not paying attention to the road because they’re texting or talking on the phone.

  • Rear-end accidents, which happen when a car hits the one in front because it’s following too closely, especially in heavy traffic.

  • Head-on accidents, where a car veers into oncoming traffic and crashes into another car. These are very dangerous, especially in Lexington’s more suburban areas without a median.

  • Speeding accidents, where drivers go too fast and can’t stop in time, causing severe injuries or even deaths.

  • T-bone accidents, which happen when one car hits another from the side, often at intersections or busy places.

  • Intersection accidents happen at crosswalks when one car hits the side of another, often because someone ran a red light or didn’t yield.

  • Impaired driving accidents, where people drive drunk or high, which slows reaction times and judgment, leading to crashes.

  • Single-vehicle accidents, where a car crashes without hitting another vehicle, like running off the road or hitting something stationary.

  • Weather-related accidents, when weather like rain, ice, or snow makes roads slippery or reduces visibility.

  • Fatigue-related accidents, where drivers are too tired and can’t focus or fall asleep at the wheel, causing accidents.

  • Construction accidents, which happen in roadwork areas where there may be confusion or sudden lane changes.

Remember, no matter what kind of accident you’re in, you have legal rights under Kentucky law. To better explore these options, you should reach out to our team of experienced Lexington car accident lawyers at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC.

Lexington Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

The most important thing after any car accident is your health and safety. While you can take certain steps to protect these things, our team at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC can protect and fight for your legal rights. After a Lexington car accident, we can help you recover damages from whoever is responsible, like:

  • Medical bills
  • Fixing or getting a new car
  • Money you couldn’t earn because of the accident, both now and in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Feeling upset or anxious because of the accident
  • Not being able to enjoy life or spend time with loved ones like you used to
  • Expenses related to someone dying in the accident

We’ll put all our effort and resources into making sure you get the right outcome for your case. To discuss your options or to get started with a claim, contact us today for a free consultation.