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The unfortunate fact about driving in Louisville is that you always have to be prepared and ready in the event of an accident. This is true even when there’s not many people on the road during early morning hours.

Two people were killed in an early morning head-on collision on Interstate 265 in Louisville, according to a story from WDRB. A spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) said the crash happened around 3:40 a.m. near Preston Highway in the westbound lane of I-265.

LMPD investigators say a man was driving his pickup truck in the eastbound lane of I-265 when he crossed over into the westbound lane, colliding head-on with another pickup truck. Both trucks caught fire, but were quickly extinguished by the Okolona Fire Department (OFD). Both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

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Are Head-on Collisions More Common at Night or Early Morning?

As the above story lays out, a head-on collision is usually pretty serious in terms of the injuries and other damage that come with them. This happens in virtually every head-on collision, regardless of when it happens. That said, they’re more common during certain times of the day–usually when there’s either no light or not enough light to see well.

Here’s why head-on collisions are more likely in these conditions:

  • Little to no visibility – In low light conditions, it’s obviously harder to see other cars, road signs, and markings.

  • Glare from headlights – Oncoming headlights can cause temporary blindness, which can cause you or others to lose control and drift into the oncoming lane. High beams can also lead to problems for oncoming traffic.

  • Fatigue – People are often tired during early morning or late night, affecting their driving ability.

  • Misjudging speed and distance – When there’s not enough light or visibility, it’s tough to accurately judge how fast other cars are going and how far away they are. It’s also harder to notice things coming from the sides.

These factors make it easier for drivers to make mistakes that lead to head-on collisions. And unfortunately, head-on collisions often lead to injuries like:

  • Serious head injuries that affect brain function.
  • Damage to the spinal cord that leads to loss of movement or sensation.
  • Injuries that cause harm to organs inside the body.
  • Fractures or broken bones that happen due to the force of the collision.
  • Cuts from the impact and flying glass, which may result in scarring.
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries caused by a sudden, forceful movement.
  • Muscle tears and strains impacting your head, neck, and back.

It’s important to note that in many head-on collisions, victims suffer multiple injuries. Tragically, some of these injuries can be so severe that they result in fatalities. If such a situation arises, our team of experienced Louisville car accident lawyers is ready to offer help and guidance.

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