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A three-car crash in Pulaski County sent two people to the hospital on September 4, 2018.

Lex18 reports this crash took place at the intersection of North Highway 27 and Highway 70 at 7:50AM.

Before the collision, a Honda was traveling west on Highway 70 and a Chevrolet was driving north on Highway 27. Allegedly, the Honda driver failed to yield at the intersection and struck the Chevy. This collision caused the Chevy to slam into a Dodge pickup truck parked in Highway 27’s left-turn lane.

Both the Chevy and Honda drivers were sent to local hospitals for treatment. Doctors believe both crash victims will survive their injuries.

Right-Of-Way Laws Every Kentuckian Should Know

When there’s no clear traffic signage on the roads, it’s important for motorists to practice Kentucky’s right-of-way laws. Thankfully for motorists, most of Kentucky’s right-of-way laws are easy to remember. So long as you are vigilant and use common sense, you shouldn’t have an issue knowing when to yield.

According to Kentucky’s laws, motorists are required to yield to pedestrians at all intersections and when turning a corner. When turning left, drivers must yield to other cars heading straight or turning right.

At intersections without traffic signs, the driver who arrives first should be given the right-of-way. After the first driver passes, the right-of-way should be given to the car on the first driver’s right.

One of the least understood right-of-way laws in the Bluegrass State has to do with funeral processions. Kentucky law grants funeral processions the right-of-way at intersections. Any driver who fails to yield to funeral processions could receive a fine of up to $250.

For more information on Kentucky’s right-of-way laws, please review Kentucky Statue 189.330 on this webpage.

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