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For parents, it’s really hard to even imagine their child getting hurt, no matter when or where it happens. But if it happens on a school bus, there’s an extra layer of helplessness, feeling like your child’s safety wasn’t protected like it should have been.

According to a story from WAVE, two Louisville students were taken to a local hospital after being involved in a school bus accident on Thursday, August 24, 2023. The accident, which was responded to by the Shively Police Department, occurred on Crums Lane near Butler High School. According to police, a car rear-ended the school bus at around 2:45 p.m. Two students were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, while the nineteen others on board–including the driver–were unhurt.

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School Bus Accidents in Louisville

While the above accident resulted in minor injuries, there are still a number of factors that make a school bus accident in Louisville–or anywhere else in Kentucky–challenging for victims. First and foremost, a school bus accident will involve school-aged children, and the physical and emotional impact of any vehicle accident can be long-lasting for them.

However, there are a number of other factors that result in school bus accidents throughout Louisville, like:

  • Traffic congestion – Louisville has lots of traffic, especially when school starts and ends. This traffic can make accidents with school buses more likely because there are many cars close together and the buses need to stop often.
  • Complicated routes – The city has both urban and suburban areas mixed together. Driving through busy city streets and quiet suburbs needs different skills, which makes school bus routes more complicated.
  • Weather conditions – Louisville has different weather like snow, ice, and heavy rain at different times. This kind of weather makes driving school buses even harder and accidents more likely.
  • Road conditions – Some roads in Louisville might not be in good shape or have enough signs. This makes it harder for school bus drivers. Bad roads can cause accidents, especially if the weather is bad too.
  • Distractions – Both school bus drivers and other drivers on the road might not pay full attention because of things like cell phones, GPS, or things in the car. Not paying attention can cause more accidents with school buses.
  • Lots of students – Many students in Louisville use school buses. Handling lots of students with different schedules is tricky and needs good planning.

Like many places, Louisville might face challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified school bus drivers. Driver shortages can lead to inexperienced drivers and increased stress on those who are available. In short, school bus accidents are caused by many different factors. However, if your child is involved in one, it’s important to understand your legal options.

School Bus Accident Victims Can Turn to Kaufman & Stigger

At Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, our Louisville bus accident lawyers know how hard it is for a child to go through a school bus accident, and we want to help you get the support and treatment you need to help your child get better.

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