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Does a Beware of Dog Sign Provide Legal Protection in Kentucky?

Does a Beware of Dog Sign Provide Legal Protection in Kentucky?

“Beware of dog” signs don’t offer much legal protection to Kentucky dog owners. Bite victims can sue for damages in most cases, but the blame in dog bite incidents can be divided between dog owner and victim.

A beware of dog sign may be used to show that a victim who saw the sign proceeded into a dangerous situation and accepted the “assumption of risk.” However, even if proven, this usually won’t protect the dog owner from all liability. The pet owner would likely be at least partially responsible for a Kentucky dog bite victim’s recovery costs.

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Dog bite victims in Kentucky can suffer serious wounds and the consequences can be long-lasting. Severed nerves or broken bones can leave victims with permanent damage to their limbs and permanent disfigurements.

Dog owners should be fully responsible for medical care for dog bite victims for as long as they need treatment. This is true even if the owner had a beware of dog sign posted. The Kentucky Dog Bite Lawyers at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, work to make sure victims and their families have what they need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

Schedule a free consultation with a skilled Kentucky dog bite attorney to find out what your injury could be worth. It’s a chance for you to tell us what happened so we can help you determine who can be held responsible.

Kentucky Strict Liability and Beware of Dog Signs

Kentucky is a strict liability dog bite state. It means that dog bite victims can sue a dog bite owner for damages even if the dog hasn’t bitten before. In some states, dog owners aren’t responsible for bites if it’s the dog’s first instance of biting. But Kentucky holds dog owners responsible from the first bite on.

Having a beware of dog sign up on a fence post or a door frame doesn’t usually erase strict liability. A dog owner would still have to accept all or some of the blame. Victims could receive at least some compensation even in cases where they may have provoked the dog or were trespassing.

If a dog owner can prove that a victim saw a “beware of dog” sign and could read it clearly, it may help in convincing a judge to assign a bigger part of the blame to a dog bite victim. The victim would be partially responsible for taking the “assumption of risk” and entering the property, even after the warning.

Comparative Negligence in Kentucky Dog Bite Cases

Kentucky does follow the legal concept of comparative negligence for dog bite cases. This concept allows the blame in a dog bite incident to be divided into percentages between a dog owner and a victim.

For example, a dog owner may be assigned 70% of the blame for a dog’s actions. A dog bite victim may be assigned 30% of the liability for ignoring a beware of dog sign or knowingly trespassing.

In this case, compensation could be awarded to the dog bite victim, but the victim’s 30% of responsibility would be subtracted.

This possibility shouldn’t scare you out of filing a claim. A partial award could still mean a substantial settlement amount to help you pay for hospital care and your monthly bills while you are unable to work.

An experienced Kentucky Dog Bite Lawyer would argue to get your percentage of blame as low as possible. A skilled attorney will also fight to get 100% of the blame placed on the dog owner if possible. This would maximize the dog bite settlement money you received.

Dog Bite Injury Dangers in Kentucky

Dog bite victims need to get the most out of their dog bite injury claims as possible because their recoveries aren’t always complete after one trip to the emergency room. Victims can require prolonged hospital time and months of physical therapy to learn to use their hands again.

They may lose valuable time at work while trying to heal from a devastating wound. Kentucky dog bite victims may also suffer emotional trauma after a frightening attack. Support would be necessary to help victims cope with anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms for as long as necessary.

Hospital bills and other hardships should be compensated in a dog bite injury settlement. Compensation for current care and medical care expected to be needed in the future should be offered.

This financial support is crucial to give the victim the best chance at a full recovery because dog bite injuries are often severe and ongoing:

  • Punctures Wounds and Lacerations: Dog teeth can sink deep into the skin to damage muscles and tendons. Bones can be fractured by the force of a bite.
  • Infections: The strong bacteria in a dog’s mouth can make wound infection more likely. Rabies and Tetanus are harmful bacteria victims are exposed to.
  • Nerve Damage: Hands and feet may suffer nerve damage. Patients may have trouble getting feeling back in their extremities and could experience a loss of control over body parts.
  • Crushing Injuries: The force of a dog bite can crush smaller bones. A simple fracture will usually heal, but a bone left in multiple pieces could bother a victim over a lifetime. Doctors may not be able to repair a bone completely or restore full function to an appendage.
  • Injuries to Children: Children aren’t considered to possess the mental capacity to register a beware of dog sign and understand the dangers. They can approve a dog and be at great risk of bites due to their short stature. A dog’s teeth can reach the heads and necks of young victims. Internal organs could also be at risk in small bodies. Skilled Kentucky dog bite lawyers will be seeking additional compensation for child dog bite victims. This is to cover any potential medical issues they have if a wound affects their physical development in the future.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer Serving Kentucky Victims

Dog bite victims in Kentucky have only one year to file an injury claim. It’s best to act as quickly as possible to make sure you receive help with your recovery costs before you hit serious financial issues.

Allow a skilled Kentucky dog bite lawyer to investigate your case while evidence is still fresh and witnesses can still be located. Surveillance video that proves your case may be erased in just a few short days if you don’t act quickly. Our attorneys will make sure that a beware of dog sign isn’t allowed to protect a dog owner from full accountability.

Contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC for an absolutely free consultation on your case. It’s a no-stress way to determine who you should hold responsible for your wounds and how much in compensation you should demand. If you decide our attorneys can help you get the most out of your dog bite accident claim, you won’t need any money now. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

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