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Getting An Accident Report in Lexington KY


After a frightening accident on Lexington roads, you may be wondering what to do? If you weren’t to blame for your accident you certainly don’t want to get stuck with your hospital bills and have to cover your losses from missed time at work alone.

Contact a local lawyer who specializes in making sure innocent victims in accidents aren’t taken advantage of by insurance agents. Don’t talk to any insurance representatives before you speak with us for a free consultation on your case and a free lesson on the tactics insurance agents will try to use.

How to Get a Police Report in Lexington

After a car accident in Lexington, your attorney or your insurance company may be working on getting your accident report for you. If you need access yourself the easiest path is to handle it online. You’ll need to visit the Lexington Police Department’s collision report page.

You’ll be sent to the online company BuyCrash that provides accident records for the LPD. You’ll be charged $10 per report. When the site asks for the agents involved use “Lexington Police Department.”

To access your report you’ll need the following information:

  • Case number (local code number)
  • Report date
  • Last name of the owner/driver of the vehicle

Under normal circumstances, you could visit the police department in person and get an accident report for $5. However, during COVID-19 protocols the public desk has been closed through 2020 and the first part of 2021. Check with the department about when that service will be reopening.

You can also request a copy by mail. When requesting it include a $5 fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Also include the following information.

  • Case number
  • Name of driver/owner
  • Location of collision
  • Date of collision
  • Copy of a photo ID

Mail the request to:

Lexington Police Department

Central Records

150 E. Main St.

Lexington, KY 40507​

For other questions call the Lexington Police Department at (859) 258-3600.

When to Get a Lawyer for Your Lexington Accident Case

With less serious accidents that involve only property damage or minimal injuries, you are likely okay to proceed without an attorney. If any serious injury is involved, it’s always a good idea to discuss your case with an experienced legal professional.

Insurance agents will be trying their best to diminish your injury and your suffering. Contacting an attorney can ensure that you know what your injury will cost now and in the future and that you receive fair compensation for those hardships.

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