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Slip-And-Fall Accidents At Meijer Express Gas Stations in Lexington KY

Meijer supermarkets offer a lot more than eggs, bread, and milk these days. In addition to providing residents of Lexington with a garden center, a pharmacy, and a tire shop, many Meijer locations also come equipped with a gas station. The price per gallon can be the cheapest around, but you shouldn’t have to skimp on your personal safety while you pump gas.

A spill by another customer or a crack in the pavement could be the hazard that causes you to slip or trip to suffer a painful broken bone or a head injury. After you take a fall and are injured you’ll want to talk to a personal injury lawyer serving Lexington.

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, has the years of case experience to make sure Meijer insurance agents and lawyers don’t take advantage of you while you’re trying to heal. You should be focused on recovery. Let us handle Meijer and hold them accountable for every hardship you face.

Gas Station Hazards at Meijer Express Gas Stations In Lexington

Pumping gas and perhaps a snack and drink grab are probably the priorities for most Meijer Express visitors. You might even have a Meijer credit card that gets you a 10 cent discount on each gallon of fuel.

That speedy service and cheap gas can have a downside though. With so many people and cars coming and going, spills and messes can end up on the floor or the pavement and sit for a long time before an employee gets around to cleaning them up.

In that time, your shoe could go sliding on ice and soda and send you to the ground with incredible force. An oil slick left by a leaking car might send you falling sideways near the gas lanes to cause a hip injury.

Parking lot potholes could cause a trip-and-fall accident that leaves your knee to take all of an impact. Your hand or wrist may also fracture as you reach out to catch yourself. These repairs and clean-ups are supposed to be done in a responsible amount of time to ensure customers have a safe visit. Yet, Meijer can be liable for your injury if these duties go unfulfilled.

Insurance Tactics After a Slip-And-Fall Accident

Whether you pull into the Meijers Express at the West Reynolds Avenue location or the Paul Jones Way location you should expect more than just a business that takes your money. Meijers should also completely back your recovery after their mistake cost you your health.

A serious slip-and-fall accident could hit you with thousands of dollars in medical expenses with more expensive treatment needed in the months to come. These bills can arrive as you miss time at work and lose the paychecks you need to pay your monthly bills like rent and car payments.

Meijer shouldn’t be allowed to skip out on these costs, but a national chain will have lawyers and insurance agents working to weaken your case and somehow excuse their company from paying you.

Here are just a few of the strategies insurance agents can use on injured victims:

  • Assign Blame to You – Insurance agents working for Meijer might claim that you were distracted when you fell. Perhaps they claim you were on a cellphone at the time. They might claim you were in an area not meant for customers. They could point to warning signs and caution tape that you ignored. These are all weak excuses and an attorney will work to protect you from these allegations. If you are forced to accept some blame, you can still earn considerable compensation from Meijer. The percentage of blame you have to accept is simply subtracted from the final award.
  • Delayed Justice: Your insurance claim can be accompanied by strong and clear evidence, but insurance representatives can purposely set your claim aside and not respond to it for several weeks or months. They hope your bills will pile up so high that you’ll get desperate. When the insurance firm does get back to you, you might be desperate enough to accept any offer.
  • Lowball Offer: Without experience with insurance injury claims, you won’t know if an insurance company’s settlement offer is far less than what your injury is worth. It could be thousands of dollars under what you’ll need to pay for a full recovery. An attorney with Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, has seen it all before and knows when to demand a better offer.

These tactics all fall under bad faith practices that can get an insurance provider in legal trouble. An insurance company owes a fiduciary duty to its policyholders. That means the provider must do the things the insured (someone who is covered by an insurance policy) would do in his or her own best interests. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. That’s why an attorney who knows state and federal law can be necessary to get fair treatment.

Contact a Lexington Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Attorney

Injury victims in Kentucky are allowed to file an insurance claim up to a year from the date of their accidents. You should begin working on your claim with your attorney as soon as possible. One year is not a long time, and it’s always best to begin putting your claim together as soon as you can. Evidence will be easier to gather and witness will be easier to locate in the early going.

Talk to a Lexington Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Accident Attorney you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation after a fall at a local gas station.

We want to see you on your feet again and will work hard to make sure your rights as a victim are respected while you heal.  To discuss your case in a free consultation, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, by clicking here.

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