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Aldi Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyers in Lexington

Aldi likes to be different from other grocery stores, but they can’t get a pass on safety just because they are a discount grocery store. If you slip on a puddle of milk or trip over a box in those sometimes messy aisles, you could be seriously hurt.

If you find yourself on the floor or on the pavement in the parking lot outside, talk to the Lexington Slip-and-Fall Attorneys with Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, who can help get you back on your feet. Aldi may have forgotten to clean up a mess or repair an obstacle, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be first in line to help you with your recovery and your medical bills. Contact us, tells us what happened and we will offer you our honest appraisal and a free consultation on your case.

Caution for Shoppers at a Lexington Aldi

Lexington residents and students like to save money with Aldi’s brands and discounts on fresh meats and produce. It’s easy to do with two convenient locations at Colesbury Circle and in the Fayette Mall.

But it’s important to take caution in the clutter of low priced goods. Store employees can do a good job of keeping a store clean, but there’s no predicting when a child will drop candy, or a wine bottle will shatter and you’re the next person to come along. You can lose your footing and smack the floor with enough force to fracture a hip or a spinal column.

It’s more common than you think to hit your head in these dangerous incidents on the hard tile or on the asphalt or sidewalk outside. These accidents can cause temporary pain, or numbness in limbs or they can prove debilitating for the rest of your life. But will Aldi take responsibility when you are hurt on their property?

Proving Aldi is Liable in a Slip-And-Fall Accident

If you’re injured in a fall at an Aldi location you’ll need to prove that the store had an obstacle that could have reasonably been cleaned up or repaired before you ever set foot on a leak or a slippery bit of food.

The law allows for two primary ways to prove negligence. You or your lawyer will need to show the problem was:

  • Created by the Aldi, or
  • Aldi knew of the hazard and didn’t fix it in a reasonable amount of time.

A premises liability claim can be made if you can prove either of these was the case.  A national grocery chain won’t accept the blame for your injury easily though. They will try to argue against your case and may make these arguments:

  • You were not paying attention to where you were stepping.
  • You were in an area only meant for employees.
  • Caution Signs were out to warn you of danger.

These don’t seem like very valid arguments because you wouldn’t purposely hurt yourself and you shouldn’t be able to mistakenly wander into areas that are dangerous. But stores like Aldi will have their own corporate lawyers working to cast blame on you. You’ll want to make sure you have an attorney on your side with experience holding these lawyers at arm’s length so they can’t fool you into accepting less than what’s fair.


Comparative Negligence in an Aldi Slip-And-Fall Case

The good news is that even if you have to accept some blame for an accident, you can still hope to recover some compensation for your injuries. Kentucky is a pure comparative negligence state.

It means that you can share fault with Aldi in your fall and they’d still have to help you with a portion of your medical costs and lost wages at work.

For instance, you may have to accept 25% of the blame for your fall, but Aldi may have to pay you 75% of any determined financial award.

Contact a Lexington Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

After one phone call from an Aldi representative asking you strange questions, you may be convinced you definitely need your own representative to even the odds. Never give an Aldi lawyer or insurance agent a statement. They might try to use any statement you make against you and leave you high and dry as you try to pay your recovery costs.

Talk to a Lexington Grocery Store Slip-And-Fall Lawyer you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation. The attorneys at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, have that knowledge and a combined 100 years’ experience in helping clients get the compensation they’ll need to make a full recovery. To discuss your case, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC today, by clicking here to contact them online.

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