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Kentucky Broken Fingers and Hand Car Accident Lawyer

In a scary accident along a Kentucky expressway in Louisville or on a busy route like New Circle Road in Lexington, victims tend to hold tight to the steering wheel. Unfortunately, in the force of a car crash, the delicate bones in the hands and fingers can bend or break.

A hand injury can be very painful and might leave you unable to handle the simplest of chores for weeks. A Kentucky Broken Finger Car Accident Lawyer works to make sure you have the support you need from an at-fault driver to pay for the best medical care available and to rebuild your life once you heal.

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You use your hands every day when you pick up your children or perform your job duties. An injury to your fingers can put your life on hold while they heal. You might be unable to earn a paycheck and even make a first payment towards your hospital bills.

After an encounter with a reckless driver, you should never have to face the expense of recovery alone. To make sure you aren’t held responsible for the costs of your comeback from a fractured hand, contact Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, of Kentucky.

We offer a free, no-obligation case consultation to all Kentucky car accident victims. It’s an easy, no-risk way to understand the benefits available to you and how to secure those benefits from an unhelpful car insurance company.

Kentucky Broken Finger Dangers in Kentucky Traffic Accident

Broken fingers often involve the small bones that make up the fingers. The Cleveland Clinic explains how these finger bones are called phalanges. Each finger has three. The thumb has two. The knuckles are where your finger bones come together and they can also absorb blunt force and fracture.

Another common hand injury in a traffic accident is when the bones that attach the wrist to the fingers break. These bones are known as the metacarpals. There are five of them. Avulsion fractures are also painful outcomes that cause finger ligaments to detach from the bone.

People break these bones and suffer other soft tissue damage in car accidents often by throwing their hands out to catch themselves in a collision. Their hands can slam into steering wheels and a car dash. Fingers can be bent back and serious fractures result.

A Kentucky traumatic injury lawyer works to make sure the victims of reckless drivers receive full support while they are unable to care for themselves physically and financially.

Broken Finger Prognosis and Hospital Costs

Patients with finger damage are often fitted with splints and these medical aids may have to be worn for three or four weeks.

The cost of an emergency room visit after a car accident that causes a less-severe broken finger can stay under $1,000 at some facilities. The prices for care will have a wide range across hospitals in Kentucky.

The Cleveland Clinic details some of the reasons that surgery could be needed for broken hand or finger patients. Injuries that affect the joints can make surgical intervention necessary. When a hand is fractured in many places or a bone is broken into several pieces, surgery will be the only way to rebuild the bone so it can be braced to heal properly. Tendon and ligament damage can also lead to surgery.

Small screws, plates, and wires may all be utilized to hold the finger bone together. Surgery can be over $2,000 with additional costs, including a surgeon’s fee, pushing the price up to around $5,000 or more.

Your experienced Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer will recognize that these bills may not be the end of the charges. Victims can require expensive physical therapy appointments to restore flexibility. Pain and numbness can make additional surgeries necessary in the years ahead. Your lawyer makes sure any finger injury settlement you sign covers your expenses now and provides for additional costs down the road.

Compensation for Hand Fracture Victims After Kentucky Car Accidents

While a hand is immobilized, many victims will find they can’t perform their job duties as before. They may miss weeks or months of work. Hopefully, this is just a temporary condition, but even missing two weeks of paychecks is often enough to send families into a financial crisis.

Victims might already have a stack of medical bills waiting for them while they are still in a cast. It’s critical that patients can focus on healing without having to also worry about covering these expenses.

Your car accident lawyer ensures that any finger injury settlement you sign covers every hardship you’ve endured and leaves your family with nothing to pay out of pocket.

One important step will be to make sure every damage you suffer, both economic and non-economic, is included in your hand fracture injury claim submitted to the car insurance company.

An insurance claim must seek financial support for the following and more:

  • Money for all hospital bills and support for the estimated costs of care needed in the future.
  • Lifelong support when a hand injury leads to a permanent disability.
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation costs.
  • The physical pain and emotional trauma the victim has suffered through. Depression and anxiety can affect anyone who can no longer participate in family activities or their favorite hobbies due to a loss of use of a hand.
  • Lost wages and benefits you’ve suffered while missing work.
  • Travel expenses as a patient is unable to drive and get to doctor appointments.
  • Repairs or replacement for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wait to file a claim over my injured hand?

One year. Kentucky sets the statute of limitations on personal injury claims at two years. You should take action as soon as possible though. You will want to give your lawyer the earliest start to build a strong case.

What kind of documents will I need when I file my claim?

Your attorney will help you collect all medical charts and hospital bills. Your lawyer secures the collision report written by police or the KSP. Bring pay stubs that show what you usually make and the income you’ve forfeited.

Can I get finger fracture support if I was partially at fault for my accident?

Yes. Kentucky is a “pure comparative negligence” state. It means that fault in an accident can be divided between multiple drivers. You could be awarded support, but it would be reduced by your percentage of blame.

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If you or a loved one have suffered a broken finger or hand bone due to a driver’s carelessness, don’t feel like you must cope with the pain and the financial burden of care alone.

Schedule a free, no-obligation case review today with a Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer you can trust to be on your side and fight for your fair compensation. You’ll speak with a real Kentucky lawyer at Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC. If you decide we can help you earn the most for your finger fracture injury claim, you won’t need any money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.

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